Tuesday 25 September 2012

#SaveSyriasChildren - It's too important to ignore!

It would be so easy to be all wrapped up in my upcoming trip to Ethiopia. Yes it is amazingly exciting that I get to travel to a different country and to experience life there for a short while.  I hope to share stories, raise awareness for ONE.org and to do my bit but I can not just ignore what is going on in the rest of the world, that would all but defeat being involved with this type of activity.

For over a year now atrocities have been happening in Syria. there is so much in-fighting and needless killing that it breaks my heart. Children and adults alike are being killed and for no reason better than they got in the way or they happened to be there. It's true me and you alone can not really do anything to help the people in Syria, we can't bring back all those people who have been massacred but we can spread the word and we can pressure the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to ensure the UN and its member states are doing all they can to make sure every crime against children is counted and their perpetrators held to account. By making it clear to the perpetrators that the world is watching – that they will be held to account for their crimes - we can help put massive pressure on them to stop.

Normally I write long posts but today I have nothing more to give than this.  I just need to present the simple facts as they are, I'll let these children who have fled Syria put their own case to you -

Please join me and help in one or all of the following ways -
  1. in signing the Save the Children petition HERE
  2. by donating any spare cash that you have, so that those on the ground in Lebanon and Jordan are able to carry on supporting all those children who are fleeing Syria.  They don't want new Wii's or iPod touch's like our kids are asking for this Christmas, they just need the basics of food and some blankets. Donate HERE.
  3. spreading the word.  if you are a blogger, do what we do best and blog - spread the word!  if not talk to friends, send an email, share on Facebook, Twitter, Google + or anything else you use.  Just get the word out there.
From the bottom of my heart thank you, thank you just for reading this and then bless you if you are able to do something more.  Mich x
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