Sunday 3 July 2011

Simple Fun on a Saturday

I had a choice to make tonight, do I post one photo and make it a #SilentSunday and know that I could get about 30 comments without any real hard work. If I post it at midnight and tweet and then schedule a tweet for about 8am and make sure I am up and lurking at the laptop for 8am ish ready to link up the minute the linky goes live.


do I post something that I really want to do? A post that takes you through my Saturday with loads of photos and shows you that simple fun is good!  I may not get any comments but my family and friends will enjoy it and most importantly it is what I wanted to post, for me, not for comments! I also get the bonus of laying in bed as I have no pressure to link up or tweet.

Don't get me wrong I have nothing against Jay's #SilentSunday linky and I am sure I will join in again but never again will I join in just for the sake of it and I know that Jay would agree with me that I am doing the right thing.  When I have one photo that demands no words then a #SilentSunday it will be but for now, I am a lady of many words and many photos, none of which are technically brilliant but they all tell a story ...

The kids have been bugging me for weeks to let them clean the car, so I did and we had a ball.  Yes I did spend the next hour cleaning up their cleaning, but that's OK, they tired themselves out, so went and had a relax...

then of course I needed a moment of calm too... (hope there are not any #Mumentum ladies here seeing this!)

and what to do next on a nice sunny day?  Well sort out the veggies of course, some weeds have cropped up, so we did a spot of gardening together. I'll tell you, Miss E is a dab hand at spotting weeds. Grandad would be proud.

Then the exciting part, we dug up our first crop of potatoes, how fine do they look? I am super excited to cook them tomorrow - chicken pie, new potatoes (from our garden , grown from potatoes we seeded ourselves), carrots, broccoli and sweetcorn - yummy!

After a spot of lunch, it is time to go to the park.

and the kids adored running up an down the hills, superb - they fell asleep so nicely tonight.  They are obviously like dogs and need their exercise each day!

and I'll leave you with my little blond beauty, who has been such a good girl for me today. I have kept her busy and thus she has not wrecked my house = result!

Tell me about your Saturday - do anything fun?  Bit of a different day to CyberMummy for me!
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