Thursday 23 June 2011

#R2BC - Week 25, The #CyberMummy11 Edition

How can I base my reasons to be cheerful this week around anything else to be honest?  I apologise in advance if you are not going to Cybermummy this Saturday and you are sick to death seeing it mentioned all over twitter and on lots of blogs.  I did not go last year and I followed the day on twitter and I promise you that was fun too!

But this year I am going and you know what? I may even have a sponsor....  that's a bit of a shocker isn't it?  I declared I was going under my own steam and now I am pretty excited that I might just have a brand to represent, one that I really buy into.  That was always one of the things that held me back, I did not want to go with a brand that I was not 100% bought into. However this is very late in the day so I may have missed the boat...  we will see.

I am getting really excited about Saturday, yes a touch nervous too but I keep calming myself by counting to 10 and thinking what is the worst that can happen?  I have decided nothing really can go wrong, the worst scenario is that I will slink off back to my hotel room, watch some trashy TV, have a long bath, read a book and lie in the next morning - sounds terrible doesn't it?

So onto the bits I am very excited about -
  1. Meeting you lot - all my virtual friends and a few of you I have met before.  It will be totally overwhelming, I have no idea how I will find the time to see everyone. I am going with no plan and just alowing the day to reveal itself.
  2. Going out for a lovely curry Saturday night to celebrate the gorgeous @helloitsgemma's birthday
  3. Drinking free wine at the said meal, courtesy of Sterimar, @SuperAmazingMums sponsor
  4. I'd be lying if I said that it won't be great to receive a load of freebies, courtesy of all the brand represented there.
  5. A lie in alone on Sunday morning, followed by a lovely undisturbed bath and then a yummy breakfast somewhere and maybe meet my family in London for a nice day out.
So there we go, that's me!  What is making you happy this week?  Link up your gratitude/ happy/ cheerful post now... Grab the badge is you fancy and don't forget to tweet with #R2BC.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

and now for the bit you regulars who linked up last week have been waiting for.  Who won the £40 bouquet of their choice from Interflora?  Well congratulations Carole Hiedi it was you! Take a look HERE and see what you would like. Maybe you fancy some nice orchids, the summer flowers are just gorgeous. Email or DM me your email address for me to pass onto the PR and they will liaise direct with you about delivery.

Then for anyone else wanting to order flowers online remember to check out Interflora as they have so many florists in London and across the whole of the country. I was highly impressed with the flowers that arrived with me last week and the florist was also fab explaining to me about how to maintain them well.

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