Saturday 7 May 2011

Last night I dreamt about sex!

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Yes really I did and it was a good dream.  Very good!  It is not often I dream anymore but for some reason last night I had a vivid dream about pretty rampant sex! It's OK though I can tell you, it was only a dream after all and it was my husband that it involved - so all is above board.

So why is Mich telling us this? Has she lost her marbles? Is she that in need of hits on her blog that she has to stoop to sex stories?  No, it's OK it is none of those.  I just thought I would share my realisation with you.  I have been pondering all day why I dreamt about impromptu, stand-up sex with my husband in a house that was not ours where we were practically caught!

I think this dream was the next step in my 'I am beautiful' quest.  You may have read my recent post about believing I am beautiful and loving and accepting myself even when I do not look how I want to, well the message that sits with me from this dream is that my husband also loves and accepts me just as I am.  That Mich in the dream who had no hang ups and was not worrying about flabby bits being on show or squashing her husband when she is on top (yes I really do have that fear) is the one that dh finds sexy.  She is the one he wants to be with and as he is one of the nicest men on the universe there is no way he will ever say anything derogatory to me and as such, 'why do I worry?'.

Have I told dh about my dream yet?  No, that will be tomorrow and I think we need to set a date night up! We have some unfinished business....

How about you, do you dream?  Don't worry I am not asking you to tell me about your risque dreams!
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