Friday 7 May 2010

Small Victories Rock!

It has been a good day, I think the title gives that away.

So I came home from ED last night all motivated and I knew exactly what was on my food plan today and so far it has been perfecto!

Here are my small victories of the day -

Instead of something consisting of starch and fat (ie toast, bagel, croissant etc) I had a banana after my shreddies this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I resisted the biscuits that I had to hand out to everyone else at Twins club this morning.

I shopped after twins club whilst hungry but stayed away from everything as I knew I had a tuna salad waiting at home for me, prepared in advance.

I prepared the girls lunch when we got home before eating mine and again stayed away from the tit bits they ate - no sipping the finger in the creme fraich (for their wrap) and no picking at sausage rolls.

I loved my lunch and I did not eat the apple I had planned, choosing instead to save it for later when I believed I might be hungry.

Then at swimming the girls normally have a treat whilst they wait for JJ and I will normally join them with a kit kat or crisp. Today I had water.

After swimming it is a quick treat tea as we get home late. I dished up the kids sausage and chips from the chippie and did not even lick my fingers. I chucked both some sausage and some chips into the recycling.

So here I am at 7.30pm and just cooking a special meal for Adam and I to enjoy together and I thank the Lord for helping me to stick to my food plan. To those of you out with with normal eating habits these all seem silly things easily avoided by someone with a strong mind, to those fellow overeaters you know that God has been with me today and that this has been amazing. Keep on like this and I will be calling it a miracle!

I better just log that I weighed 16st 3lb this morning and that is still a good drop form my heaviest weight, which was about 17st 10lb but obviously is not as good at the 15st 2lb that I did get to. However I feel really positive for the future right now and my weight is not the be all and end all. It is just one part of my recovery and my actual health is the far more important thing.
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