Saturday 22 May 2010

Loved Unconditionally

How amazing is it to feel that people love you for who you are and there are no strings attached? I am ultra lucky in that I have quite a few people like that and today I was reminded of just how much I am loved by one special little lady.

Miss M and Miss E: 'Ohh your bracelet pretty Mummy' (I make the fake charm bracelets for myself)

Me: 'Shall I make you both one for you birthday?'

Miss M: 'Yes Mummy, my want a pink one, like you'

a short pause, while she fluffs her gorgeous fine flyaway white hair

'and my want big pretty hair like you too'

another pause whilst she lays back on the bed

'and big boobies like yours'

'and big tummy like yours'

and this went on for quite some time, as she declared she wanted every piece of my body including all the bits I loath and want to change.

Ohh I could just eat her up and here she is today being a tiger at her nursery fete.

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