Friday 28 May 2010

Notes From the Heart.....

Hey JJ,

I really enjoyed our 2 hour car journey tonight whilst the girls napped. You were great company babe! You crack me up with some of the things you come out with. No going on holiday to Bournemouth and jetting off on a plane from Heathrow are not similar things! but yes darling I will really enjoy our Dorset family holiday and as for you becoming an ice cream man when you grow up, have you really thought this through? Probably not you are just 6 after all but I do not think the benefit of as much ice cream as you can eat passes for a good excuse for taking on a career!

Love you babe, Mummy xxx


Right Head Lice,

I hate you! Get out of Miss E's hair! What is it with my little poppet that you like so much, I know her hair is gorgeous and straight and glossy but it is not for you. I have now treated you 4 times in about the last 7 weeks and just just keep re-appearing. I am so fed up with you buggers!

Piss off you unwanted blitters!

Angry Mum


Dear dh,

I have been so pleased to see you looking a bit better this week and you seem more yourself. I hope you are back to full health very soon. Thanks for all you do.

I love you. Mich x

Ps - I can not wait for our weekend away in June (kid free yay!)


Dear new HR system,

My colleagues and I all agreed on Thursday this week that we had the same sentiment towards you and here is Kelis explaining it well

You are really crap!

All in HR


Thank you Lord,

For being close to me this week and helping me to mostly stay away from my danger foods. I feel really good for the awareness you have given me around food and I love the feeling of dropping weight.

Thanks again, Michelle x


Dear wonderful readers,

As I said last week, thanks so much for stopping by and boasting my bloggy confidence. You make my day! Have you seen? I have now gone to 45 followers, only 5 more and I hit my personal target to be at 50 by the end of June! Keep on following...

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