Friday 28 May 2010

Guest Post Day - A Day in the Life of Baba's Mummy

Here is the fab guest post I have received from Kerry at and then all I thought about was you, take a read and leave her some comment love. Then why not use the link and pop over to Kerry's blog and take a read at my post about being SuperMich!

I wake I am tired, but I can hear a cry of 'Mum, mum, mum'
Joined by bang, bang, bang of the door being slammed against the wall.
Baba is awake, it is 6.30am
My day is beginning!

I get up, weary and blurry eyed, put my glasses on
Stretch and prepare for the day!

I walk to Baba's door and he is standing by his babygate
His rag in his hand, dummy in his mouth, Roo in his other hand
Snuggling both and smiling behind his dummy.

I open the gate and Baba walks to the gate at the top of the stairs
"Teets" his name for the dog,
A point and a smile
T raises his head, grunts and trots down the stairs.

He scratches the back door, he wants to go out.
I carry Baba down the stairs,
Change him and let out the dog.

Standing on the decking, in the morning briskness
Waiting and training the dog to pee in the right place.
He wonders round, he sniffs, he stands, he looks,
He walks back in,
He does nothing!

Baba is sat on the sofa,
Pointing, "err err"
He looks at me, he looks at the kitchen
He wants breakfast.

"What do you want?
You can have weetabix, or toast you choose?"
He grunts at toast,
Toast it is today.

I put children's television on
Baba sits, and watches quietly.
I go into the kitchen and make his toast.

T is scratching, again we go outside.
Again he does nothing!
Again we come back in...

The toast has popped,
I butter and spread, I cut into four.
I take it to Baba.
He eats a couple of pieces.
It is rare to eat it all.

He chucks a bit on the floor,
He laughs,
The dog eats it.
I tell him "no" and again say he shouldn't feed the dog!
Deaf ears is all I have to say.

The dog is scratching,
I open the door,
Stand on the decking,
Again he sniffs, he walks around, he looks,
He runs to the end of the garden
He does his business
Yes success!
He gets some praise, we go back in.

Baba is asking for juice,
I go and pour some milk
He sits on the sofa,
He drinks his milk.

He takes a mouthful,
He puts it on the sofa,
Dummy shoved back in his mouth, rag in his hand.
He is done.

Dummy is thrown, rag is put on top of dummy
Another mouthful,
The same process again, and again
Until he is finished.

He shoves the cup in my hand.
He climbs off the sofa
He grabs his toys, he starts to play
I have time to sit down and eat my breakfast.

A normal morning for Baba's mummy!
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