Tuesday 18 May 2010

Notes from the Heart...

To my Little Miss M,

Darling, I am not sure how many times I can tell you that you have a long wait until you can have boobies like Mummy! Boy, do you make me smile.

Love your Mummy xxxx

To my poppet (also known as Miss E),

Yes baby when you pee on the potty and ask me 'are you happy with me?', I am very happy with you. The least amount of washing that you and your twinnie provide me with the more happy Mummy becomes.

Love your Mummy too xxxx

To my little handsome fella,

You crack me up! You have a fab sense of humour and I love your funny quirky ways, you just need to learn to be a little more respectful at school. Have you learnt yet that teachers really hate it when you tell them their work is boring and too easy? It might be true babe, but sometimes we have to tow the line.

Love Mummy xxxx

Dear new computer system at work,

You are really crap! I have given you good opportunity over the last 8 weeks or so to demonstrate to me that you have the capability to handle our 3000 employees and to make mine and my colleagues lives easier but it now seems clear the £1 million spent on you was a complete waste of money!!!

Doh, Unhappy in Herts

Dear lovely regular visitors to my blog,

I want to shamelessly ask you to become a follower of my blog please. I currently have 36 followers and I have a little bet with myself that I can get it up to 50 by the end of June. So if you like what you read become a follower or add me to your reader.

Much appreciated, Mich x

Dear Builders,

Thanks for doing our back gate, wall and shed base. I now just can not wait for the shed to be built and then the garage to be converted into the playroom. It is going to be amazing to decide that I do not have the energy to sort all the toys on an evening and just to shut the doors and to sit and relax in my nice tidy adult lounge!

Thanks again, One happy lady!

Dear dh,

I am really sorry you are not feeling well and have been signed off work. I pray this week will be a relaxing one for you and that you are able to forget work and let them get on with it whilst you are not there. It will be so nice to have you around this weekend.

Take care of yourself.

Love you, Mich x


Dear God,

Please help me to eat better and to stop reaching for crap food every time I am bored, tired, hurt, angry or anything else. Also, could you soften my heart please and stop me feeling so resentful when I feel like I am doing more than my fair share. Lets be honest if I do not want to do something and can not do it with a glad servants heart then I probably should not be doing it at all.

Thanks for all you do for me.


Dear So and So...
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