Friday 16 October 2009

Potty Training

errrrr not my most favourite of subjects. Miss M thinks she is already and nursery said the same for her. So Wednesday I decided we really ought to give it a good go and see how it works. I decided a week would be a fair trial.

Weds - day 1 - she was at nursery all morning, there was 4 accidents in the day
Thurs - day 2 - with me but we went to toddler, school run, a friends, so a busy little girl. 4 accidents, one of which was a sloppy poo! (yep tmi, sorry)
Fri - day 3 - 4 accidents, 2 poo ones today!

So all we have achieved so far is her being completely pleased that she is getting to drag me to the toilet every 10 mins and she loves her big girl pants but really she is recognising the need to go less than she was a couple of months back. Also this pooing in her pants lark -what is that about?

I really can't believe she can manage to pee every 10 - 30 minutes, every time I put her on a toilet or potty she can produce! yet about 3 weeks back we had a nappy free afternoon, where in 4 hours she went just 3 times and asked me each time to go - no accidents!

I know that we really need a week or so to just stay home and leave her without pants and let her go without distractions but that is not easy when I work and we always have the school runs to do as a minimum.

So I will keep persevering for the next few days and see how things go. I want to just say she is not ready and give up but I suppose I should give her a fair shot and at least keep to my week commitment.

So, this saga is to be continued.........
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