Friday 31 July 2009

I'm a lucky girl!

Well I have been missed! Had numerous people looking for me whilst I have been away at Mum and Dad's. I had no idea that so many people read this blog or that I was noticed on other Internet sites I regularly visit. It is nice to feel wanted.

My boys went camping with the cubs and scouts last Saturday, so me and the girls headed down to my parents and we just got back last night - it was 5 nights and 6 days of total pampering and it went so quick. Mostly I spent time with Mum as Dad was at work but we also got to see him each morning/ night and my brother on a few evenings. Although he quickly became aware of what it is like to have 2 small toddlers who want your attention when you have just got home form work! lol I do not think he is ready for kids yet!

I also got some jobs done whilst there, like haircuts, shopping, take backs, banking and car service and MOT. So I feel very up to date now, I unpacked last night and have done 3 washes already - the last is just drying now. Off to do the shopping in a moment and then hopefully the girls will come back for a nice long nap and I can do some ebay stuff. The boys are back at about 4pm and I am cooking us all a nice roast and then there will be a ton more muddy washing to do! it never stops...

I went to an ED meeting whilst I was away and it was good to see a different group and set up. I also did loads of resting, reading, praying, relaxing etc etc. I feel positive and in a good place at the moment, I will blog more about my eating and mind state when I get a chance, at the moment two young girls are bored with mummy being on the PC.

So thank you Mum and Dad, you really are the best parents a girl could have. I am very lucky, not only for all the love and help you gave me but also with the tons of shopping bags that came home with new clothes, jewellery, perfume and bedding. Also the money to buy my new beloved Radley messenger bag - mine is really past its sell by date.

Shopping calls, catch you all later. x
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