Thursday 2 July 2009

For Today: Pride

Yesterday when reading my 'for today' book I came across a reading which really spoke to me. I do find this tiny little book a wonderful resource for opening up my mind and making me do some thinking.

The reading was about pride - 'When a proud man hears another praised, he thinks himself injured'. The text then talks about abstinence being a blind that I pull up form the window so I can see the real world and the real me. I am a willful child wanting to be first, be best, be noticed and be praised. Oh my goodness I am that person! I have been trying not to be for the last couple of years as I know it is fruitless and silly to be proud that my car is better than your car etc. I know that I am not supposed to compare myself to other people, I should only compare myself to God's standard - to Jesus and boy do I fall a long way short on that one!

The text then goes on to say that I need to work the steps to learn to turn over the defect of pride and to ask for it to be removed, so that I can share in others joys and not be jealous and prideful.

Lord, again I realise I need to be focused on being me and changing me to your way rather than doing lots of tasks. I have my meeting tonight and I will get my steps workbook out and starting focusing more on getting well.
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