Friday 15 May 2009

In the bin Daddy! lmao

Dh was going out earlier and we searched everywhere for this phone (this is one of the things with baby twins - they are great at squirreling things away) but to no avail.

When he came back later the girls where up from their nap and knowing that M is the more menacing he asked her where his phone was. Quite serioulsy she replied 'Bin Daddy'. Off we went to have a look and low and behold there it was. Very luck that she remembered after putting it there about 6 hours ago.

Dh then said to her 'Just like your Mummy, if you see something lying around and you tidy it up. Except you are more strict and it goes in the bin!'. I was laughing my socks off! It is quite an awakening when people acknowledge your quirky traits out loud.
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