Friday 15 May 2009

I am a butterfly, well caterpillar at the moment! lol

I heard a really good analogy last night which has got me thinking.

The lady talked of the Caterpillar becoming a butterfly. It builds it's cocoon and hides inside and reforms, the beautiful wings grow and then it has to really struggle to break it's way out of the cocoon. I never knew that it is really important for the butterfly to undergo this painful and difficult process as it is this struggle that strengthens their wings and helps them break free with the ability to fly. If someone thought they were being kind and cut them out of the cocoon they would never be able to fly and would just die.

This can definitely be applied to my life. Overcoming my overeating will be a major struggle but at the end of it I will be stronger and will of learnt to rely completely on God and hopefully I can fly. If someone else was to give me an easy fix (any diet, surgery, miracle weight loss cure), I would still have all the same emotional issues which would lead to me becoming fat and unhappy again. This is why diets do not work for so many people, they actually need to tackle the root cause of the problem and not the symptom.

Can you relate to this?
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