Saturday 25 April 2009

Update on the kids

Thought I would do a more positive post and give an update on where my gorgeous twinnies and handsome young man are at the moment.

The girls - 21 months
Both now chat, M more so. In fact she will copy everything you say to her. Her pronunciation is not great but she will try hard - she learnt to say sorry (orry) yesterday and that is very cute. She is practising that lots on E. E says less but is actually much better with sounding her words out, whereas M will say 'dum dum', E will say is a small, cute voice 'dummy please'.

They are running around behind me now in the living room having a right giggle with each other, that is the gorgeous thing about twins - they do appear to have such fun. I think JJ feels quite left out sometimes and he tries to join in but of course he is so much more boisterous than them so it can ends in tears.

Both girls love to dress up, especially E with hair clips, 'pretty' she tells me and does a twirl. M is more into clothes and will tell you 'wow wee' when you dress her in something new. She is currently wearing a pink frilly Dora sunhat, which seems to be her favourite item right now - whatever the outfit! ohh and both love my shoes and fighting over them. I remember JJ walking around in my high heels and now I have 2 more little people doing the same.

They are confident little girls, running off at toddler groups to explore and try new things out. They chat to people when in their buggy but E can be more shy if someone comes to her rather than letting her initiate the conversation. I get so many stares and smiles on the streets when I am out with them both - it does remind me of how blessed I am to be a twin mummy.

M really loves her mummy, always wanting cuddles and to be held. I indulge her (and me!) sometimes but I am determined not to have clingy kids. I must do OK as JJ is just the right balance, happy to leave me and play alone but always coming back to play with me and have a snuggle. E will give you a snuggle at bed time but she saves her best love for Alfie, her teddy.

So in a nutshell M is loud, chatty, demanding, funny, hilarious in fact, cheeky, a clown! Whilst E
is more quiet, content, facially expressive, stubborn and just plain beautiful - outside and in.

JJ - 5.5 years
He is such a tall boy now, in age 7-8 year clothes. He is also quite mature in his conversational skills and has some fab chats with you about all sorts. Emotionally he is still very much his age and a boy! need I say more. He is like a Labrador puppy who has not yet grown into his paws. Often falling over or knocking people by accident - clumsy is the word to describe him!

JJ has a very keen mind and loves to learn, he plays imaginative games alot and writes himself registers, adverts, magazines, lists etc to aid his play or you might find him cutting out a walkie talkie for a game. His reading and maths are coming on well at school and he actually enjoys what he does - which is so important. He goes to a sports club each week and runs loads of energy off and enjoys that.

Loud is probably the single word I would use to describe JJ, as well as vivacious, full of life, complete fun, energetic, loving, bright, caring and handsome.

He adores his sisters and is so sweet with them most of the time, always trying to help and not really understanding where the boundary is, but he will learn.
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