Tuesday 28 April 2009

Feeling very pleased with myself

.........but not in a smug way, just in a 'well done Mich, keep it up' kind of way.

I am feeling pleased with myself firstly, because I presented at a training course today and really enjoyed myself and got good feedback from a number of people. Apparently my skills are wasted in my current job, I also got told I should become a lecturer as I have the rare skill to present information clearly in a fun and informative way.

The second reason I am feeling very good is the amount of times I have resisted temptation today. Cakes arrived at work this morning, 8 tubs of gorgeous M&S mini cakes to be precise and I do love those but I was determined not to have any - I checked the packets out, peered into the tubs and yaaay did not take a thing. I settled for my yogurt instead. I am now on day 5 of abstinence from chocolate and cakes.

Later I was bathing the girls and JJ (thinking he was being kind) bought me up a lump of chocolate - I promptly binned it to keep it away from me.

I also went to aqua yesterday, the gym today and tomorrow I intend to gym and swim.

I now just need to keep this up for life...................lol, one day at a time remember Mich!
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