Friday 22 July 2022

A Great New Hoover on the Market - Hoover HF500 Anti-Twist PETS Model

{I received the Hoover HF500 Anti-twist Pets vacuum cleaner free of charge for the purpose of writing this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest}

If you ask me how I'm going to clean a floor, I'll tell you I'll Hoover it and truthfully that would be whether or not the actual product I'm using is made by Hoover. As Hoover is a brand I grew up with, it was the only vacuum cleaner my Nan and Mum would ever think to buy and I'm pleased to see that nearly fifty years later Hoover is still making excellent vacuum cleaners.

It was a very easy yes from me when I was asked if I'd like to review the Hoover HF500 anti-twist pets vacuum cleaner. It retails for £299 and is one of the modern stick-type vacuums, which I haven't used before. At just 2.5kg in its full upright form (or 1.7kg as a handheld) it is really easy to use and manoeuvre whatever your size, strength or ability. 

I really like the modern graphite grey and turquoise colouring of this Hoover and it feels robust for something so light. It was intuitive and easy to put together straight from the box and I didn't have to spend time going over a manual and wondering what goes where. 

When I first received the Hoover HF500 anti-twist pets, seeing how streamlined it is I thought I might let my son take it to uni when he goes in September but having used it, I don't want to let it go, as it really is very effective and so light.

It amazes me that a vacuum being cordless and light really encourages my teen children to use it. They won't even consider using the traditional vacuum as you have to unwind the lead and plug it in, but will happily grab my cordless and clean their own bedrooms. That is a big win as far as I'm concerned. 

It's certainly my favourite cordless versitile vacuum that I've used to date. I love that it is both an upright and a handheld Hoover in one.

Here is what I love -

  • One of the big plus points for me with a house of women with long hair is the new anti-twist floorhead of this Hoover, which has an integrated comb and unique brushbar with a mix of soft and hard bristles to ensure that long hairs don't get all wrapped around the roller. This has been the bane of my life in other vacuum cleaners. 
  • I also love that you can clip open the top window of the floorhead, as then if it had sucked up anything that gets stuck, it is easy to get it out. It's the simple things that make a difference!

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  • Not to harp on about the floorhead too much, but there are also LED lights on it and this means you can see into any dark corner or under furniture and I even Hoovered the downstairs loo without bothering to turn the light on!
  • The suction power is really good. Hoover says it is the greatest ever cordless suction power, as there is a turbo boost function available for 8 minutes if you have a tough-to-clean area. The Hoover brushless Direct Impulse Motor has been developed to deliver consistent power output for a highly efficient motor that spins at 100,000 RPM. With up to 75AW of suction power, HF500 offers impressive dust and debris pick-up on all kinds of floors. 
  • The battery lasts around 45 minutes when it is fully charged and that is enough for me to do my three-bedroom house. It's also super quick to fully charge the battery, at just 2.5 hours, a massive improvement on the previous model. 
  • You can remove the battery to charge it, or it is safe to charge with the battery still in the Hoover if that is better for you.
  • It is super light to use and move about, it swivels really well. The weight of the Hoover is in the top part (where the motor is) but it doesn't feel unbalanced. This also means you can clean high up.

  • You can wall-mount it and everything comes in the box for you to easily do that. Or alternatively, you can move the top of the Hoover to clip on lower and that makes it just 69cm tall for storage in a cupboard, it's very clever. 
  • It's just as effective on both carpet and a hard floor.
  • The head is lovely and flat, which means it easily goes under furniture and tucks into the crease under my sofa to pick up more without me having to move furniture. I have to admit that I am a lazy Hooverer and I want things to be as easy as possible and the Hoover HF500 anti-twist makes it really easy for me.
  • You get a wide range of adaptions to make all your Hoovering needs possible, there is a crevice dusting tool, 2 in 1 dusting/ upholstery tool (which geniusly stores on the Hoover itself so you never lose it) and a pets turbo motorised head, which I can't wait to use when my mum comes over with her ever malting golden labrador. 
  • The dust/debris container is very easy to empty.
  • You get two filters for the dust collection canister and they can be washed under the tap and used time and time again. There is even a light on the top that will warn you when it is time to change it. 
  • It's easy to know when the battery is fully charged as it moves from a red to white light. 
Excellent suction power, an anti-twist floorhead, super light and great movability. You definitely won't be disappointed with a Hoover HF500 anti-twist PETS model. 

Is anything else on my wishlist?

  • I couldn't actually come up with any negatives for this Hoover but the only thing I'd like to be different is the dust/debris collection container to be bigger, as it is just 0.45 litres, but the compromise if it was bigger is that it would be heavier and may make it feel less balanced. So having to empty the container each time I use the cleaner is a small price to pay and I'm happy with it.
  • The only other thing that might make the Hoover HF500 anti-twist even better is having a longer-lasting battery. However, you can buy the Pets twin battery model, which would allow you to swap over to the next battery once one was depleted and I have to be honest the battery lasts far better than the other well-known brand I previously had.

Do I recommend the Hoover HF500 Anti-twist PETS?

Well, that is a very easy yes. At the price of £299, it is great value and a Hoover I'll happily use on a daily basis. It makes cleaning very easy and I love that it encourages my teenagers to get involved and clean their rooms too. 

The anti-twist head is a massive plus point as I used to hate having to remove long hair from around the roller and the fact that the battery runs for long enough to get my whole house Hoovered is perfect too.

Many thanks, Hoover for sending this through to me to review. I remain a happy customer!

Hoover makes a variety of cordless vacuums with prices starting from as low as £100 so it is worth a browse, but I'd happily buy the Hoover HF500 Anti-Twist Pets and you can buy it now with 20% off if you use the code MFTH20. In fact that 20% off will work sitewide, so take a look now!

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