Saturday 28 May 2022

Invictus and the Natural Home Feel

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Should you be looking to embrace a more natural feeling for your home when you look to reorganise the look of your home, one option that can provide lasting appeal would be luxury vinyl flooring - which is a far cry from the old vinyl products of the early 90s.

If you are wanting the look and feel of a real hardwood floor without the hassle and expense of fitting the real thing, Invictus offers a perfect replica of real hardwood flooring with a guarantee of it lasting much longer and withstanding much more abuse, in fact, it's lifespan is over three times longer.


Light or Dark

Some people consider dark woods to give a dull or depressive appearance to a room but this doesn't have to be the case. It can add a different mood to your room whilst adding a sense of rich tones.

If you want to impress your friends and visiting family members, dark wood certainly attracts attention, but it really is a case of personal preference. On the opposite side of the shades, a light hardwood look brightens up the room and provides a more classical feel of the outdoor lifestyle within the home. 

Whether you choose a light or dark tone vinyl, one of the benefits of vinyl over hardwoods is that you won't need to sand it down to keep it consistent over the decades, so it makes this flooring much lower maintenance. 

Consistent Features

With many designs available from the Invictus flooring brand, you get the opportunity to match tones with any existing wood furniture you already have within your home. That can range from tables to doors to seating, or your cabinets and wardrobes.

Some people like the feel of a matching theme throughout the house and choose to have the same colour palette and flooring in all rooms. It can give a sense of your home being carved out of a giant tree, more than built from the ground up. Vinyl flooring has so many design and style options for you to choose from. You may opt for planks or tiles and all can be manufactured to size avoiding those tricky corners, borders, and fixtures.


All Season Flooring

The unseeing enemies of regular flooring - humidity and drops in temperatures - do not affect luxury vinyl flooring. This is why vinyl is recommended by many interior designers and is a sound choice for any home.

In the winter season, it is a perfect partner to underfloor heating systems, making those cold nights much cosier. Even the summer months' hottest days will not make tiles come loose or come undone by weakening the adhesive - proof all year round that your floor can keep the appearance and look you paid good money for.

When it comes to luxury vinyl flooring Invictus offers a more versatile range for a vibrant and highly articulate feel. It has made its way into the vinyl flooring marketplace to perfectly match other brands - as well as standing on its own with its vast range. There really is so much choice, just take a look at this amazing grey parquet flooring.


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