Sunday 17 October 2021

6 Ways to Get Your Garden Winter Ready


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The weather is starting to get colder, and winter is on the way, meaning now is the perfect time to preen your plant life and get your garden ready for the frosty season. Not making time to prepare your garden for the wet and windy weather can end up causing you some costly damage in the long run.

If you want to make sure that your outdoor space is taken care of this winter, then simply follow these six steps for a winter-proof garden.


1)     Evergreen

Unfortunately, many of our foliage friends don’t survive the winter. However, you can keep your garden looking green and healthy by opting for evergreens instead. Either pop down to your local garden centre, or shop around an online stockists that will deliver your plant life right to your door. Suppliers such as Scot Plants Direct are a great place to search for shrubbery that will stay splendid all year.


2)     Grit the Paths

When the weather starts to freeze up, our paths and driveways can become dangerously icy. So, get your garden ready for the winter by stocking up on a bag of rock salt; that way you’ll be able to spread it when the weather forecast predicts freezing temperatures. You'll be pleased to navigate your property without suffering from any slips and falls.


3)     Weatherproof your walls

The winter weather can prove detrimental to our exterior walls, leaving them looking shabby and dilapidated. However, rendering solutions from the likes of Direct Building Products can protect your walls for longer, and even improve insulation in your home. Aside from its protective properties, rendering is an excellent way to improve the look of any building.


4)     Purchase a Patio Heater

Just because the weather is getting colder, it doesn’t mean that we need to lose the use of our outdoor spaces. With a patio heater, you’ll have the option of sitting in your garden all year round – at least on the days that it’s dry! Or if you're lucky enough to have a large umbrella or covered area them you'll be fine. You can even go the whole hog with an outdoor sofa and rug to make the space really cosy and inviting. 

5)     Install Outdoor Lighting

As with the cold, we lose so much garden time when the days start getting shorter. Extend the use of your garden by adding lighting to your outdoor spaces, this way you’ll be able to enjoy the evenings outside throughout the year. Solar lights which charge during the day are pretty inexpensive, or you can have some lights wired in to give you more flexibility of when you'd like them on and off.

Investing in something like a chiminea or fire pit can add an element of fun to your garden for evening use too, as you can cook jacket potatoes, soup or even just some marshmallows for smores. The kids are bound to love eating out as the sun goes down and you stay toastie by the fire. 


6)     Bring Summer Plants Indoors

Unfortunately, certain plants aren’t going to survive the winter if you leave them to fend for themselves. Protect your plant babies by bringing them into the warmth of your home. This won’t be possible with all of them, and for certain foliage, it’s more essential than others. If you’re unsure of which plants should take priority, then check out this handy guide to get you started. 

Getting your garden ready for the winter months doesn’t need to be a challenge. Take the time now, before it gets too cold and wet, and ensure that it’s protected all year round.

What changes do you make to get your garden winter ready? 

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