Friday 27 November 2020

Dreams for the Future, when I win the Lottery Jackpot

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{This is a collaborative post}

I have to admit it's been quite some years since I have actually played the lottery, but when it first launched here in the UK, I did play every week and I had a set of numbers that I always used. I won the odd £10 by matching three numbers and I think I even had four numbers once or twice but never more than that sadly. However, just because I don't play doesn't stop me dreaming of what I'd do with a really big win.

I don't think I'm alone there and I know I've played the 'what I'd do if I had a million pounds' game with friends before. I actually really enjoy spending an hour dreaming about what the future might hold if I have a whole load of money in my bank account. So here are the things I'd like to do if I win the lottery jackpot one day in the future.

Help Others

The first thing I know I want to do is help others. I know that sounds a bit cliche but as a Christian, it is important to me to serve and help others where I can. I'm not a saint, so it will need to be a project or business where I enjoy serving and working, rather than just selflessly giving, but it needs to be worthwhile. I've always had this dream that my husband and I would run a Christian conference centre somewhere in the UK, and he is sort of doing that now.

So I think my dream would now be slightly different. Still working with my husband and offering hospitality, but being more local community based. I could see myself investing in and managing a community centre that is really committed to helping its local people. I'd have a pastor and team on board to run the church side of things, but my husband and I could lead the outreach. We'd have a community cafe where locals can come for food, be that paid or gifted, people to chat and pray with them, a food bank, debt and job counselling, activities for the kids and youth and so much more.

I feel excited just thinking about this. Money is often the thing that holds these kinds of projects back and if I had my lottery win, there would be no need for it to feel limited by its resources. My background is in HR and training, so I'd really enjoy doing the practical parts of coaching people to help them get back into employment and leading training courses for parenting, assertiveness, time management. You name it, I want to give it a go!

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Secure a Family Home

I don't have visions of grandeur, so there is no need for a massive house but I would love to buy a house outright that means the kids can always come home from university or wherever they are and feel secure. It would also be a first for us to have a guest room to enable family or friends to stay over. So this does mean we'd need five bedrooms, which feels pretty huge to me, but I'm happy to get a house that needs some doing up and then I'd employ my brother to renovate it all, so he could start his own business doing this and know the worth of his amazing skills.

There are other factors that might seem small or silly to some but they are things I've always held little dreams of. Having a kitchen that is big enough to have a cooking island in the middle, then my Grandkids can sit there and chat with me as I cook. I'd also love a lantern roof over the family area that houses my kitchen, dining, relaxing space, and enough money to have the fun of decorating these areas in the way I choose without having to feel guilty or overstretched. 

Owning this family home outright will allow my husband and I to be able to offer our services to the community project without the need to draw massive wages, we can just take what we need to live a contented life, and for me, that doesn't come from excessive money but from the deep peace, I get from knowing I am doing God's work. 

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Drive across America

I've only been to the States once and my husband spent six months in New York about thirty years ago, so we'd both like to go and explore more of this massive country. I can't believe what difference there is from one state to another and I just want to see them all. Of course, that probably won't be practical and the money may not go that far, but I'd sure like to take a road trip and see lots of new places. 

The place I've always most wanted to visit in the USA is the Grand Canyon, but there are so many more on my must-visit list, like Lake Tahoe, Seattle, Aspen, Chicago, Denver, Portland and of course, New York City. Some of these because I have friends living there, others because I love films or boxsets that were made there and the others just because they look and sound amazing. To be honest, I'd be happy visiting anywhere in the States and just taking the road trip, I am a great believer that there is always something new to see and enjoy, wherever you go.

I have to admit, I've really enjoyed the last hour, allowing my mind to wander and dream. Having a lot of money available to you, would sure make daily life easier and allow me to do some of the things I'd love to.  One day.... maybe!

Good luck to you if you're playing the lottery and remember to be sensible and only spend money you can afford!

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