Tuesday 16 June 2020

Lockdown Crafting with my Daughter - Enjoying New Projects

Miss E is my arty daughter. She loves painting, making things and generally being creative. Give her a sewing machine and some fabric and off she'll go and create something, maybe a new pillow for her bedroom or clothes for Alfie, her favourite teddy. I'm highly impressed with her skills and her imagination, she has that creative eye that can just visualise how beautiful a project will look when it is finished. We've done all sorts of projects together over the years - making tree decorations, Valentine's crafts and birthday gifts. 

I also enjoy being crafty, but I wouldn't say I'm a natural. It takes effort to hone my creative skills. I love making cards and know I make some lovely ones to send to friends and family, but I have a set way of making them that works for me. A few years back Miss E and I really enjoyed our Eurocamp holiday at Club Farret, as they had an inclusive crafting room where we could paint, mosaic, silk dye, sculpt and so much more.

My Mum is amazing at knitting and crochet; all through my childhood, she'd make wonderful clothes and such. I think this was what has prompted me to pick up a tapestry, as this felt like something beautiful I could make, without it being too difficult. Over the years I've created a few stunning tapestries but in the last five or so years, I've got out of the habit and truthfully, blogging and being on the PC has taken over most of my time.

I'd realised this recently and known I needed to get back to doing something other than blogging and being online, so when Love Crafts got in touch and asked if I'd like to take up a new skill during the lockdown, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for Miss E and me to have some crafting time together.

Embroidery kit

We really enjoyed having a good look around the Love Crafts website as they have such a great variety. I decided to go for an embroidery kit as my first project as I loved embroidery when I was a teenager and haven't done it since, so that felt like a really nice challenge.

I was impressed with the kits we received and I loved that they contain everything needed. The Tribal Chief embroidery kit from Un Chat Dans L'Aiguille retails for £21.50 and includes fabric printed with the design, DMC embroidery threads, embroidery needle, hoop 15cm, instructions and diagrams of stitches used in this kit, diagram showing stitches and thread colours to use, colour chart for threads and a photo of the finished work. When I'm finished I'll have a 15cm fabric piece of art that can be kept in the hoop and displayed that way.

I'm really enjoying doing my embroidery but even at the start I used the wrong threads and then because I had, found I didn't have enough to do what I wanted to, so I've had to order some more thread! lol

Miss E fancied doing counted cross stitch and she chose a stunning small design that will look great displayed in her bedroom when finished and framed. I was highly impressed with the message on this one, as it says "Be a light to the world" and that fits wonderfully with our Christian beliefs. This kit was also a complete bargain, at just £8.10 and will be 18cm x 12.5cm.

Again the kit contains everything needed, 14 count navy aida, presorted thread, thread sorter, one needle and instructions. I have to be honest though, we opened this up and looked at the instructions and it all felt a bit daunted. We both thought the design would be printed on the aida, so we have out this one to the side for now and Miss E is tackling the chunky cross stitch pillow instead.

Miss E and I have only just started these projects but are both enjoying what we have done so far. I think they are going to keep us busy for some weeks to come, as we both just do a little bit at a time, fitting it around our other activities. I admit I have been feeling more relaxed when I go to bed after doing some embroidery, rather than being on my laptop,

Here is the hunky cross stitch seascape kit that Miss E  is doing. At £23.00 to make this cushion front, I think that is a real bargain for a Vervaco kit. It is so much easier as it is printed on the aida and thus super easy to follow. The instructions were also easy for Miss E to understand what she had to do.

Many thanks to Lovecrafts for our projects, you've made us very happy!

Disclosure: We received these craft kits free of charge for the purpose of an honest review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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