Saturday 23 February 2019

Join #TeamMum to Help Women gain Breastfeeding Support in Meru, Kenya

Any mother will know that breastfeeding isn't always an easy journey. Yes, I think we all understand that in most circumstances it really is the best thing, and of course when you're in a country that can't guarantee a good, clean water supply it becomes even more improtant, but it can still be super difficult.

I was lucky enough to attend breastfeeding classes run by the NHS, along with NCT antenatal classes when I was pregnant with JJ. I can honestly say that these classes made the world of difference to me. When I was in hospital after my C-section and I couldn't get JJ to latch on properly I remembered all I had learnt at the classes and had the confidence to persevere and seek out help. We then had a good few months of successful and enjoyable breastfeeding.

With girls the situation was different, as tandem breastfeeding is quite a skill and add a toddler in the mix and you are pretty busy and quite a demand on your time. But again, I had the help of the local breastfeding counsellor and my health visitors to help me, enocurage me and find the right way through for my family.

Early last few I did a volunteering course with the local Childrens Centre and one of the sessions we had was on the importance of breastfeeding. I found it so enlightening and it opened my eyes to many benefits of breastfeeding, so much so that in March, I have an interview to become a volunteer peer breastfeeding supporter for my local area. 

After all the wonderful support I received when I had my children, I've always wanted to be able to give something back to mums who are struggling and I figure this is a wonderful way to do so.

At the moment, I'm also part of's Team Mum campaign. This is about raising £150,000 so they can set up pregnancy support classes for new mums in Meru, rural Kenya. These mums might not have access to older women or other pregnant women who can give them help and share wisdom, so these classes are vital.

Have a watch of the short video below and meet Donata, she was married at 19 and had her first child at 20. Donata said that having a baby so young she felt lost. she would attend antenatal classes to get help and ask questions but often waited from morning to night to see a doctor, or sometimes was told to return the next day.

When she fell pregnant with her second son, her husband left her and hasn't contacted her again since. Of coruse Donata felt worried about how she would support her children btu she was lucky enough to have a skill and be working as a hairdresser

Donata would love to encourage more young women in her area to get an education and a job before falling pregnant and getting married, so they have more independence. Donata is enrolled in a local nutritional training programme, and she told us that being part of this community of women helped her to find meaning in life again after her husband left. 

Donata would love to see Team Mum pregnant women’s groups in her area, providing support and important health advice for scared young mums who are in the same position she was in.

Join Team Mum! Together we can reach new mums like Donata with vital breastfeeding support, through our new pregnancy support groups.  Give before 30 April and your donation will be matched by the UK government: #teammum #UKAidMatch

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