Wednesday 12 September 2018

Tips for Creating a Harmonious Home

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Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary, but when you return to it in the evening and there’s piles of clutter, wet washing and arguing kids, it can feel like your own personal torture chamber.

Bringing order and harmony to your household is as much a mental and emotional exercise as a physical process, but let’s start with the physical for now, as it’s the easiest way to get the ball rolling.

Start on the clutter
Piles of mail, books, papers, toys and plates create emotional pressure. They’re silently screaming at you to sort them out, but often, you don’t know how or where to start. Just start on one pile and forget about the others. Can’t decide which one? Pick the one nearest to you and just do it.

Create a calm outdoor space
Whatever the size of your garden, you can make it better and more inviting by raking the leaves, scattering some wildflower seeds on the borders and fixing that gate (finally). If you worry about people letting their dogs poop on your lawn or near your gate, or about cold-callers knocking at the door, visit the my security sign website to see if you could use one of their customised outdoor signs.

Change the internal d├ęcor
Have a look around your home – are there any walls or corners that haven’t been painted in forever? Are they looking dingy and neglected? Are some of the colours dull or stress-inducing – headache gray, eye-watering yellow? Think about how these spaces would look and feel with some new shades in them. Colours have psychological impacts, so think about what you want to achieve before collecting swatches.

Make your special sanctuary motto
Think about the activities, feelings and atmosphere your sanctuary supports and creates, then try to put them into words. For example if you love to retreat to your garden to relax with a trowel and a dog, then create a short motto, something like “Paws and smell the roses”, that keeps that feeling in mind.

Bring the outside in
There are lots of indoor plants that can improve health and wellbeing by helping to absorb the various toxic gases that come off from household appliances and furnishings. These plants also bring a little bit of nature into the space, promoting a sense of freedom and relaxation. Opening the windows whenever you can will also help to flush out stale air and lift everyone’s mood.

Create definite and discrete zones in your home
If you divide your home up into resting areas, techy areas, play zones, cooking and study zones, and provide visual and tactile cues to remind you of which zone you’re entering, these cues will work on your subconscious. As soon as you enter the rest and relaxation zone, you’ll soon start to feel stress and worry lifting from your shoulders. Similarly, when your teens walk into the study zone, they’ll get their revising head on!

Start off with baby steps
No-one’s asking you to complete this transformation in a day, a week or even a month. Just start off with what you can manage – move a desk that was once piled with letters and ironing into the study area, for example. 

Remember, mall steps still take you forward…

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