Thursday 16 August 2018

Happy Birthday to Me #R2BC

It was my birthday on Wednesday and I turned 45, I can't believe how quickly those years are adding on to my age, but I have to be honest, I'm not worried.

My family and I headed up to London on Wednesday morning and where there for 36 hours, we had a thoroughly lovely time, although as always, I am pleased to be home, as it is far too busy, muggy and smoggy in London (now I sound my age)! lol.

Here's a few photos to show you what we got up to -

Super yummy burger lunch at Byron Burgers in Covent Garden. Using my Tastecard we got 50% off and to be frank, that's the only way we could afford it!

We spent some time in Covent Garden browsing, and watching the street artists.

Then downtime at the Christian guest house where we stayed, just enjoying each others company, with a piece of cake and a game of cards.

In the evening we went to see the School of Rock musical and it is was so awesome. I'll be writing a review soon.

Then after a full English breakfast we went to Westminster and took a family tour of the Houses of Parliament. It was really good, both educational and interesting; it was just perfect for the girls age.

Now we're all back home and chilling, before a day sorting out tomorrow and then a car boot on Saturday. My girls are very excited to do it, I'm not so much so!!!

I hope you all have a fab weekend, Mich xx

Next week, #R2BC will be back with Becky at Lakes Single Mum, but for this week it is here as she's been in deepest, darkest Wales! lol

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