Tuesday 20 February 2018

6 Great UK Slime Tutorials - Floam, Cloud, Glow in the Dark and More

Slime making fun for all the family. Six great tutorials for making slime with UK ingredients

If you or your kids enjoy making slime and you need recipes that use ingredients readily available in the UK then you are in the right place as my kids adore making slime and we have loads of tutorials over on Youtube.

Great, stretchy slime is not difficult to make and all you need are some basic ingredients - PVA glue (the white stuff is far easier to use than clear which tends to be much more runny), bicarbonate of soda and something to activate it. I use contact lens solution, saline solution or eye wash (but it must contain boric acid, so check the ingredients). You can also use Lidl Foril washing detergent, Aldi Almat washing detergent or Kershaws washing starch, all readily available in the UK and not too expensive.

You can then add in all sorts of fun things to make different kinds of slime if that is your bag. Shaving foam is a great addition as that makes your slime all fluffy and of course different colours can be added via food colouring or paint. Then you have glitter, sequins, foam balls, beads, bands, gems, instant snow and anything else you fancy really!

Check out my YouTube channel - Michelle Twin Mum if you want to see all our slime tutorials.

Glow in the Dark Slime - Made by miss E using ingredients from Hobbycraft.

Cloud Slime with Instant Snow - Made by Miss M and Miss E, using the kind of powdered instant snow that you need to add water to, to make it fluffy

Floam Slime, Made to look like Snow - Made by Miss E using the polystyrene balls from a travel pillow we paid £1 for in Poundland

Butter and Nutella Slime - Made by Miss E with some magic sand we bought cheap from the Entertainer

Liquid Gold Slime - Made by Miss E with clear glue and metallic gold acrylic paint

Crunchy Slime made with Loom Bands - This one was made by me and you can add all sorts to make slime crunchy, like beads or goggly eyes

And finally here is the link to my original slime video. This one shows you how to make regular slime and also fluffy slime, these were made by me and this video seems to have gone down a storm judging by the views and comments on YouTube!

Check out my other recent slime making post for more video tutorials and lots of greta slime tips.

I hope you have lots of fun slime making and do ask if you ave any questions.

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Slime making fun for all the family. Six great tutorials for making slime with UK ingredients

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