Monday 16 October 2017

Review: Skin Renewal Treatment from Swiss Clinic

As a 44 year old woman I'm fully aware that your skin starts to change as you age and after decades of not really doing anything to my skin, except a quick wash I thought it was high time to start taking a bit more care. Read on to find out how I got on with microneedling - the art of rolling tiny needles across my face. Yes really!

There's nothing like moving from no beauty regime to going to something quite new and some would say radical. When the Swiss Clinic got in touch with me back in August and suggested I might of heard of them due to the success of Skin Renewal - one of their signature microneedling treatments I had to chuckle to myself. This is a woman who doesn't read magazines, has no idea what is in fashion and is more focused on the inside than out.

Now don't get me wrong, I like to look good. I'm not a slob in my tracksuit kind of woman but you are much more likely to find me in M&S or John Lewis than you are a Harley street beauty clinic. So I did wonder if they had approached the wrong blogger but no it turns out that the Swiss Clinic want to reach out to regular woman like me and you. Their treatments are not only for the uber cool or super rich, they are things every Mum can fit into her daily routine.

What is Microneedlng and how do you do it?
I had to look it up myself before I said yes as at first I had visions of long needles and Botox type injections but I couldn't have been more wrong. Microneedling is where you have a small roller with has a head of tiny surgical steel needles (540 of them to be precise). My one has needles of 0.2mm which is suitable for the face and all skin types, including sensitive and there is also one with a slightly longer needle length of 0.5mm, which is good for scarred skin that needs serious rejuvenation. (Check out the roller guide if you need help choosing).

Basically the idea is that after cleansing and ensuring your skin is spotlessly clean you roll the roller across your face (or the area of your body you wish to renew) and this action will open up tiny micro channels and prompt your skin to believe it needs to produce collagen to help fight damage. Now don't worry as your skin isn't being damaged, you won't be able to see the tiny holes and channels it makes at all as they are so small.

Once you have done 3-5 minutes of rolling (in all directions with particular focus on any problem areas - by the eyes and mouth for me, as lines have been appearing) you then put on some of the rejuvenating serum which comes as part of the skin renewal set. Not only has your skin been prompted to produce more collagen the microneedling also allows for the serum to be absorbed 300 times more effectively than when it is used alone.

Once you have finished you need to sterilise your needle roller and keep it in its sturdy plastic case as you don't want to allow any chance of bacteria spread and infection to develop. I received the Swiss Clinic disinfecting sterilising spray along with my skin renewal set and it works perfectly as it has a ph value similar to your natural skin.

How has it worked for me?
I started to use my microneedle roller and rejuvenating serum at the middle of September and you are recommended to use the roller each night for 5-7 days and then to take a rest of around the same time before you use it again. It's now around five weeks after I started and I've have a few cycles of using the products and I'm really pleased.

It only take around 5-10 minutes in total on the evening and I do it just before bed. At first I did find my skin was a bit red after using the roller but now it doesn't even get very red, I think because I have learnt what is the right pressure for my skin. There was one time in the early days when I noticed I had actually scratched the delicate skin at the side of the eye where crows feet develop and I realised I was being far too heavy handed. I can honestly say that by the morning when I awoke there was no scratch left there, so night time is just perfect for me as it allows your skin to works it's natural magic as you sleep.

My skin has definitely felt more moisturised and plumper and I even had a great comment at the gym, where one chap thought I was 20 - if only! I've also been much more confident about being bare-faced and have spent much of the last month without make-up, which isn't only good from the point of view that it lets my skin breath but also it shows my impressionable daughters that you don't have to wear make-up all the time. 
Here's what it says you can expect on the Swiss Clinic website - This skin treatment kit consists of two products that actively work together to stimulate collagen production. Skin Renewal minimises fine lines, wrinkles and scars, makes skin firmer and smoother, improves elasticity and reduces enlarged pores.
What does it cost?
  • The skin renewal set with roller and 30ml rejuvenating serum is £89 (although I spotted if you sign up to the newsletter, you can get a £10 discount)
  • The roller alone is £42
  • The 30ml rejuvenating serum alone is £59
  • Sanitising spray comes in a pack of 3 for £22
Would I recommend it?
I've already told you I don't have a lot to be able to compare this to as I haven't used that many skin care products in my time but I've been really happy using the skin renewal kit. It is simple and quick and I will continue to use it as I have seen good results and I bet they improve with continued use and time as well. I seriously think my crows feet at the side of my eyes are improving, if you look at that top image and compare it to the bottom one, which is actually 3 years later and the lines look a lot better. I think I can live with looking younger as I get older! lol

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Disclosure: I received the set and one sanitising spray free of charge for the purpose of this honest review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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