Sunday 27 August 2017

Review: The Works - Make Your Own Slime by Karina Garcia

Back in May I decided to make slime with the boy that I coach through the charity TLG. I needed a fun activity we could complete in about 40 minutes (including clear up) and slime was his suggestion. It was nothing I'd ever attempted before but after some googling and browsing of the web, I came up with ingredients I thought I could source in the UK and that would work.

Thankfully they did and we had lots of fun. I shared a short video clip on Instagram and quickly got asked to share my recipe, so this led to me making a YouTube tutorial and I was super impressed with how well it did in the first month, getting about 10K views and then it must have been added to an autoplay list or something by YouTube as it now has over a quarter of a million views on it and I seem to have developed a little fan base of kiddie slime makers. It is like another world, a world I was not part of and didn't really know existed. There was I thinking I was making a tutorial for parents to make slime with their kids but I've found that most kids go it alone!

As a parent it can be a bit of a worry that your child is off exploring YouTube alone as all sorts of random and inappropriate videos can pop up on the recommendations. For this reason I was really pleased to be offered the new book by slime guru Karina Garcia. This year she has published her first slime making book called Make Your Own Slime and it is ready for the UK market, so all the ingredients needed are easily available in the UK. This is something I can give to Miss M and Miss E and let them have some fun knowing they won't stumble across things I don't want them to see on YouTube.

One of the sample recipes from the book. Made with the jelly stuff
from the inside of nappies - not sure I fancy that!

The book has an RRP of £7.99 but it is available at The Works for a super bargain price of £3.00. I opted to get the Make Your Own Glitter Slime Starter Kit, which is £6.00 and includes the book, 1 litre of PVA glue and 2 fine glitters. You can't choose which colour glitter you get but I received pale pink and red, and considered myself very lucky as they are gorgeous.

In the book Karina shares 15 different recipes of how to make slime and the instructions are step by and step and very easy to follow with pictures and slime making tips. 4 of the recipes are new ones, exclusively launched in the book. I was very interested to see the variety of recipes and the liquid gold slime is the next one on my hit list, but Miss E fancies glow in the dark slime and Miss M wants to have a go at the Orbeez slime, after our fail with it a couple of weeks ago.

I ordered the kit online, paid and opted for collect from a local store, so about 3 days after ordering I got an email to say the item had arrived in store, so I went to collect it. I was pleased to be told as I was collecting I could have 10% off anything in store that day, so I had a little spend then too as The Works is always somewhere I can find great bargains. My girls were thrilled to see that all Fidget Spinners were on a buy one get one free deal in store too! Just a few more to add to their collection!

We are looking forward to trying out more of Karina's recipes  and you can check out all the different slime videos I have on my YouTube channel over here. If you fancy making slime then start with a simple recipe of just PVA glue, bicarbonate of soda and contact lens solution (making sure it has boric acid as an ingredient). You can of course add in food colour or paint too to make it pretty!

Here's my first slime video that is doing pretty well!

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