Tuesday 8 August 2017

Choosing the Right Swim Wear as a Plus Size Woman

I don't think there has been a time in my life when I haven't been classed as plus size. Even at my slimmest, I was a size 14, which I have to say looks really good on me but for at least the last couple of decades I've been a 20, 22 or 24. I've had a turbulent relationship with my weight and the way my body looks and whilst I have no desire to be a tiny size 10, I do want to be healthier and to have far less of a tummy.

For now, I am still a size 22 and in years gone by choosing a swimsuit that flatters my shape has been my least favourite thing to do but not any longer as Simply Be have the most amazing collection of swimwear available in all sizes to suit women of every shape. In my current size they have 217 swimwear items available, that is pretty awesome, right?

I've had a good look through and thought I'd share my top picks for various body shapes -

Apple shape - wide waist 
You'll want to create the illusion of more of a waist if you have a rounded middle shape. Swimsuits with two colours in panels can really help create this silhouette. Look at the Beach to Basics swimsuit in black and white on the left, it retails for just £32.00 at Simple Be and I think it would be perfect. Or take the Magisculpt swimsuit (£45.00) on the right, it has level 3 tummy control in the swimsuit and a beautiful blouson top over it to glide over the tummy area.

Spare Tyre/ Big Tummy (my shape!)
A swimsuit with ruching at the front, especially when it is in a panel like the Marilyn Magisculpt (£45.00) suit below (left) can really help cover a rounded tummy and create the illusion of a smaller and more defined waist. As can a starburst design that comes from the waist area, like the sporty suit on the right (£25.00).

Pear Shape/ Large Hips
If you have thighs that you'd rather not have on show then a skort or swim dress can be a really good idea and you don't have to think of old lady suits as Simply Be has so many stunning swimsuits and two pieces to help you feel amazing.

Here are two examples that would work well, on the left is the Joe Browns swim dress in Buttercup design (£45.00) and the right is the Simply Yours bikini skort which retails for just £18 and you can choose what type of cute top you team with it

Big Busted
Obviously, the most important thing for the well-blessed lady is to ensure that there is excellent support in the swimsuit or bikini chosen. Simply Be have lots of great options available but a couple I really liked were the black plunge bikini by Curvy Kate, which goes up to 44G and is £34.00 and the Simply Yours underwired swimsuit which goes up to a 42F and is in the sale currently for £28.00.

Hourglass Shape 
This is the shape I'd love to be and I think many women probably would too. Even as a bigger lady you are in proportion with a bust and hips that match and a smaller waist. With this kind of shape you have free reign to choose whatever you like so why not go for something bold and stunning? The raspberry crochet trim bikini is just £28.00 in the sale and the V bar halterneck by Figleaves is £40.00.

Large Upper Arms/ Bingo Wings
If it is your upper arms that you want to cover up then why not go for a bardot style one-piece or bikini. The black swimsuit can be worn with or without straps giving you the option for more bust support and it retails for just £35.00. Then the bikini top on the right is sold separately to the bottoms to allow you to mix and match as you fancy. It currently costs £16.00 for the top.

I hope you like my picks from Simply Be. If you are a plus-size woman looking to invest in some new swimwear then I'd definitely say to head over and see what they have for you. The choice is vast and I was pleased to see that as a new customer you can get 20% off your first order (clothing, footwear and lingerie) and free delivery too. You can't be off that!

Happy shopping, Mich x

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