Sunday 13 August 2017

Thirty Years on and I'm still dreaming of a Mercedes-Benz

I have to laugh when I think back to my younger years and the ambitions I had. Growing up I had a very strong sense of what I wanted from life and there wasn't any way of steering me away from it. I knew I would be a manager in a large, quality hotel after I completed university and I would work my way up to being the General Manager so I had ultimate control and was earning a good amount of money.

As a teenager I remember having the ambition of earning forty thousand pounds a year. If I earned this I thought I would be set for life, of course that was thirty years ago and it seemed a mega amount of money. Nowadays it wouldn't be buying me so much with a large family.

A four bedroom detached house with a U-shaped gravel drive was next on my must-have list. I never really had any vision of what the inside of the house would look like but I knew it would have the drive for parking my Mercedes on. I had my heart set on a sports model, a SL500 convertible in red. Mercedes-Benz has always been the premium brand that I'd love to own, even now I'd happily have one if I could find the money.

Image: Thanks to The Sandown Group

A lack of money doesn't stop me from dreaming though, I've recently been perusing the Sandown Group website to see what Mercedes-Benz I might one day own. Of course if I was to buy one now Id need something big to be able to comfortably seat all five of my family. Since having the twins ten years ago we’ve opted for a seven seater car and we could do that again and get a V class. It certainly looks awesome in comparison to our much smaller car. Oh what a joy it would be to have enough boot space for all our luggage and to take the three kids without them arguing about who is nudging who and how that bag is in their area! Also with a seven seater we can continue to share the school lifts and take our neighbours kids too, which means I get some days school journey free.

But equally with a Mercedes we could opt for a classic five seater SUV as the Mercedes GLE has plenty of leg room and seat space for five adults and as we grow big kids we are heading towards a family of five adult sized people.

I think I'll save my Mercedes splash-out for when they are older and I don't have to think about them though. That way I can quench my thirst for a convertible sports car, but as I mentioned before it can't just be any sports car, it has to be a Mercedes. I'm think a C63 cabriolet might be just what I need. Not bottom of the range and not top but somewhere in the middle, that will make me super happy.

Image: Thanks to The Sandown Group

For now, I'll keep plodding on being happy with where we are right now. As a Christian nowadays my expectation of what I ‘must’ achieve and what we ‘need’ to own are quite different. I was so relieved when I gave up my high pressured and very well paid job when I had JJ back in 2003 and then again when we sold our house and I gave up work to move to East Sussex in 2013.

For a family that don't own their house, have one car, have to scrimp and save for an abroad holiday and earn a fairly low household wage by most standards we are really content and happy in where God has placed us right now. How many other people can say they live in a beautiful 4 bedroom 16th century cottage, set in 220 acres of Capability Brown landscaped grounds? The kids have woods to explore, lakes to swim in and we have a community of around 90 to call on for babysitting, I think you can say we are pretty blessed right now but yes, the Mercedes would be the icing on the cake!

Roll on the future, when the kids have gone off to Uni and its only my husband and I that needs thinking about on a day-to-day basis.

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