Friday 4 August 2017

Days out by Coach - Do you Enjoy Them?

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I bet some of you read that title and are wondering if you've landed in the right place. I can hear you now ‘Michelle’s 43, right? Not 73. Why she is she writing about coach trips?’ But I love a day out by coach, it is such fun to be amongst a big group of friends and be heading somewhere all together, without having to drive and worry about traffic. Do you not find that the journey always feels quicker on a coach?

I've loved going out on a coach day trip since I was a kid. The company my Nan worked for were very keen to be family friendly and each year as well as Christmas and Easter parties they organised a few family trips to the seaside or local attractions by coach and all for free. I was chatting to my brother the other day and we were reminiscing about the trips to Littlehampton where we would enjoy fish and chips, a few goes on the funfair rides, a dig with our bucket and spade and of course something beachy to take home. I used to buy real shells or maybe a shell full of those candy sweets that looked like pebbles. It was the stuff that childhood memories are made of.

I'm pleased to be doing the same with my children too. You might know that I live as part of a Christian community and there are probably around 100 of us nowadays at the conference centre where I live. A few times a year we close the centre and have community day where we all spend time together and deepen our relationships. Very often these involve days out and we've had recent coach trips to Dover Castle, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and Windsor Castle. I've been able to get to know people on a level that a day at work or a shared dinner just doesn't provide by sitting next to them on a coach for 2 or 3 hours chatting.

Arranging a coach (or multiple as is the case for us) through a company like SMC Coach Hire is so straight forward too. Use their enquiry form to send in a quote request and of course you’ll shop around (we all do) but if you get a better price go back to SMC and talk to them as they’ll be keen to do you the best deal they can. Although my opinion is that cheapest isn't always best, so weigh up what each company is offering you and make an informed decision. 

At SMC Coach Hire you’ll find professional, trained and fully insured drivers that make your journey really easy and allow you to focus on the fun with your friends and family. You don't have to have a massive community of people like I do though as SMC can provide coaches and minibuses of all sizes (seating from 8 to 75 on one vehicle) and levels of comfort and luxury. Check out their ratings on the independent review site TrustPilot too as they have an overall score of 9/10 from 484 customers so that is pretty outstanding.

Imagine how much fun you’d have as a family hiring a small coach to take you all away for a family holiday together with no bickering about routes or traffic as someone else is in control of that. The holiday would start from the moment you step into the coach and doesn't have to end until you are dropped back to your door.

Everyone knows that children love most forms of different transport and in this age where practically every family has a car it is a novelty to travel by bus or train. So when all my family join our community and head on the coach to Brighton on Boxing Day for some lunch out, ice skating and a walk around the sales my children are delighted and excited to be travelling by coach. There are always one or two people who bring their guitar and it ends up being a wonderful time of singing and game playing.

So whatever your need; if you are a local nursery looking to visit a petting farm; a school taking the children off-site to swimming lessons; a company arranging a corporate team building day or a family enjoying time without the stress of driving then I'd urge you to check out SMC Coach Hire to see how they can help you.

I'm already looking forward to my next coach trip.... I hope you are too!

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