Saturday 12 August 2017

Fabulous Twin Fun - Micro Scooter Sprites - Unboxing at the Beach

As part of my girls being involved with the Start-rite back-to-school shoes campaign they were sent new Micro Scooter Sprites in the teal owl design. Start-rite want the girls to put their shoes through vigorous testing and to make sure they really can stand up to the beating that a normal 10 year old gives them. How better than by regularly scooting in their shoes and lets be honest, kids don't always use the brake on a scooter, they often do it with the sole of their shoe!

Both girls have had Micro Scooters before, they started with the Mini Micros when they were just toddlers and then moved up to the Maxi Micros when they were around 5 years and to be honest they have been moaning at me for the last couple of years that they wanted a grown up 2-wheel scooter. Well now they are super happy and their wish has come true!

The Micro Scooter Sprite scooters start from £89.95 for the silver, £94.95 for the coloured and £99.95 for the patterned ones. They are available in a variety of colours. My girls were sent the Teal Owl with a bell and flower accessory included in the box. I noticed it was on special offer last weekend so it is definitely worth keeping an eye on the Micro Scooters website and signing up for their newsletter, which will keep you informed of their current deals.

Have a watch of our video and see the girls unbox and set up their scooters themselves. I love it when a product is so easy that a 10 year old can take it out the box and do everything they need to make it ready to ride. Even putting their bell on the Sprite scooter is child's play.

My girls really are super happy with their Micro Scooter Sprites and have been having some fun with the 360 degree rotation of the skate platform. I've never really seen them be into the tricks and stuff before either but with these scooters they have been going along walls and trying to do jumps and hops too!

We've only had these scooters for a couple of weeks but I feel 100% confident they will last really well. I say this based on the Micro Scooter Speed that is in my hall. My son got it in early 2013 and it is still working now, despite him having bashed it and abused it for the last four years. Yes it can be hard to fold it now but nothing a spot of oil wouldn't fix.

If you guess that these Sprites will last my girls at least four years like the Speed has done my son (and we still have the girls Maxi's five years later too) then it only works out to around £25 a year and I think that is an absolute bargain!

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Disclosure: We received these Sprite scooters free of charge for the purpose of an honest review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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