Friday 4 August 2017

Fun for all Ages at Mighty Claws Adventure Golf, Bournemouth

Whilst on holiday in Bournemouth recently we headed to the new Mighty Claws Adventure Golf which is situated over by Littedown on the way to Christchurch at Play Golf Bournemouth.

I grew up holidaying in Bournemouth and Boscombe and it was always a key part of our holiday to have a game of crazy golf. Back in those days it would have been in the Boscombe gardens and I can still recall many of the holes from the course. In recent years I've been taking my kids and my parents on holiday to Bournemouth so we have carried on this tradition and played crazy golf each year. The place we have chosen to play has been in Bournemouth gardens opposite the band stand.

However, this year we broke with tradition and took a drive over to the newly opened Mighty Claws Adventure Golf and played there instead. My son was really resilient at first as he loves everything to stay the same but by the time we had played two holes he was converted. The course is just brilliant. It is so well themed and I'd say that at 13 and 10 years my kids are too old to be into dinosaurs but it isn't just for little kids at all as it is so well done. They really must have spent a lot of money as the dinosaurs are animation too and move and make noise.
Have a look at our video and see what the course is like -

It took us around 90 minutes for six of us to play the 18 holes and there is a very nice bar with outside seating and restaurant too, so you could easily make a real occasion of your visit to Mighty Claws Adventure Golf.

We booked in advance but you can also just arrive and pay to play (depending on busyness of course). On arrival you go into the main building to book in and choose your ball and club. There is a good variety of club lengths and tons of ball colours, which the kids really liked.

The prices to play are £9 for an adult, £6 for a child or £25 for a family group of 4 or £30 for an adult group of 4 people. I think these prices are reasonable as they are comparable to the cinema and the game lasts about the same time as a film.

It all got a bit competitive with our family and deciding who should go first, what the correct rules were and if people were cheating! It is all part of the fun though and happens every year.

Overall we had an excellent time and everyone commented what a nice course it was and how good it is to be able to park for free, rather than paying a fortune in Bournemouth town. I'm pleased to say that I was the overall winner (by one point!) and I think this is a first. My Dad took his job as chef scorer very seriously too!

As I mentioned above there are some lovely eating and drinking facilities on site too and here you can see.

There is also a really great photo opp at the beginning/ end of the course too -

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Disclosure: We received a free game of crazy golf for us all in exchange for this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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