Thursday 28 April 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful... School Reports, Banana Bread and Generous Hearts

Good morning friends, How are you all this week?  Mine has been a busy one so far but then I'm expecting a wonderfully chilled and fun weekend.

Here is what I am thankful for -

*  JJ's superb report from school. A couple of weeks back we got his first report from Secondary school and it confirmed what we already knew, that he is a very smart young man. This evening my husband and I are going to the school for his first proper parents evening and I'm super thankful that we do not have to worry about what we are going to hear there.

*  My girls generous hearts. At our Sunday celebration service all the children were encouraged to paint and just to allow their creativity to flow and to see what they produced during the time the rest of us were worshipping in song. They both painted a little canvas and then were encouraged to pray and see who they felt compelled to gift the artwork to. They each choose members of our community and I was especially pleased that Miss M choose a beautiful young woman N, as her father had passed away a short while ago and Miss E's painting was about God's peace.

*  Banana bread that I didn't have to bake. How cool is it that JJ now enjoys cooking and baking enough that he can just get on with it if I help him set up? Last Saturday he made chocolate brownies to be sold at church to help raise funds for a youth camp this summer and then last night he was chocolate chip banana bread on his own for all the family to enjoy. It is so important to work with our kids, train them up and then empower them to do these jobs safely.

*  A helpful husband. I've been invited up to London on Friday by HP Instant Ink for a bit of a pamper and then an afternoon tea with some other bloggers at a posh Kensington hotel. My girls are on inset day but my super hubby is looking after the girls so I can go long and have some precious me time.

It's then sure to be a good weekend as we have a free day Saturday to do all those little jobs, like homework and we are taking out a minibus full of volunteers on Sunday for some fun at a May Day festival. Then of course Monday is a bank holiday and that means community day here, where all 90 odd of us will eat too much, play games and generally have a day full of frivolity.

This week I am linking up with Lakes Single Mum who is hosting Reasons to be Cheerful and then as of next week it is back with me for the month of May.  I hope to see you join in.

Have a fabulous week, Mich xx

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