Tuesday 12 May 2015

Dear So and So - The General Election

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Dear UK residents,

I'm really proud to live in a free country. A country where we can speak out about the things that are important to us. Where I can shout it from the rooftops that I'm a Christian and that my relationship with Jesus is the most important thing in my life.

I understand that after last weeks election some of you are dismayed and upset with the result but I refuse to be dictated to by you. Yes there are things that need fixing in our country but money is finite and tough decisions have to be made and someone has to do it.

Democracy means that we all choose who we vote for and then I believe we should respect each others opinions and agree to not agree if that is the case. We each make choices based on our realities, and what it real to me is not real to you and vice versa. Just because one person votes Conservative, UKIP, Green, Labour, Lib Dem or something else entirely does not make them evil or mis-informed it just makes them different to you.

I'm so pleased that most people I'm friends with are completely reasonable and see the logic in this, even if they vote differently to me.

Thanks, Mich x
Dear Lefties,

First off I hope it is OK to call you that (I'm not aiming for offence here!). I read an article a few days back and I thought it was good, it had merit and I'd point you all to it. It is aimed at those who feel let down that the Tories are in power and it gives good advice of what you can do to fight for what you feel is right. I'd also just point you to the bottom paragraph where the writer, Rebecca Winson urges you to be nice, even to those who do not agree with you because in her words  'compassion changes more minds than anger' and she is so right. To love your fellow humans and to show grace even when people are throwing it back in your face is mighty powerful.

Thanks from across the road, Mich x

Dear God,

You are my hope and my salvation and it is in You I trust. Maybe this is why I am not so scared by the outcome of the election. I don't need to put my hope in flawed humans as the way forward. For me the most important thing in the next five years is not who is in government it is you and your plans.

Your daughter, Michelle

Dear Facebook,

We are on a break. I would say it is not you, it is me but that would be lying. I feel really sad about all the stuff I've read on FB in these last few weeks, I really can't deal with the judgement and the vitriol being directed at anyone who votes Conservative or UKIP. Personally I've grown up being taught about tolerance and the freedom to be different.

Debate is good, opinion is good. Bullying and name-calling isn't. Please remember that.

I really appreciate it, Michelle

PS - I intend to come back at the end of May when I have had sufficient break to feel full of joy again

Dear Mich,

I hope you know what you are doing publishing this post, this is probably the first time you have been outwardly vocal about politics on here. Potentially you could be shooting yourself in the foot as there will be many who do not agree with you and won't be back again.

However, this is OK. I know you believe in freedom of speech and for people to be who they are and if they cannot respect your opinion then it really is no loss.

Stay true to yourself, your faith and your beliefs and you won't go far wrong.

Mich xx

Dear Al Fresco,

On a lighter note, thanks so much for the lovely package you sent to me so I could enjoy a #holidayfromyourholiday, the Hotel Chocolat chocs really made watching the final numbers coming in for the election that bit better. I also had a wonderful bath and pamper night and all on you.  You know the one thing you forgot? (and I suspect many bloggers would say alcohol) was a really good book to lose myself in. Luckily I have a few from the library right now, so it really was just like being on holiday.

A very happy blogger, Mich

PS - My kids have never been abroad so if you are looking for a family to review one of your lovely breaks then we could do that with genuine awe and I can take my bag to the beach too! Thanks again.


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