Thursday 29 January 2015

#GiveThanksThursday - Winter sunshine, making a difference and feeling loved

Good morning friends, how are you today?

It is time to come together and give thanks. What is making your heart swell this week and where are thanks due?

So thankful for God's creation-
We have been really lucky here weather wise and I've been enjoying the blue skies and fresh mornings. This was my walk to work on Tuesday, you can see why I enjoy my work and living here.

Remembering what it is all about -
I've found January a funny old month. I've hardy been offered any work and this has made me feel anxious and I've also been dieting which is never an easy task for me. This has led to some days where I have felt 'bleuh' and wondered if I should keep on blogging.

Then yesterday I saw the fabulous news that GAVI (the vaccines alliance) have been promised over $7.5 billion dollars over the next five years to help eradicate unnecessary deaths in developing countries. It is when changes like this and also when parliament passed the UK members bill to give 0.7% of our income as aid that I feel as if I know why I am blogging and I smile to myself as I know I helped to make those things come to fruition. Yes of course I only played a tiny part and I do it by the grace of God but if we all play a tiny part things do change.

Feeling loved -
I am so lucky to have three children who are all very affectionate. JJ is probably less so nowadays but at 5ft tall and age 11 I think that is pretty normal. I still get a bedtime kiss, a hug when he comes in from school and if I'm lucky the occasional sofa hug. The girls are both quite huggy and kissy and we spend lots of time together. My husband is not so affectionate by nature but he does give fabulous hugs and seems to know what I need. My family is a real blessing to me and restore me.

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