Thursday 22 January 2015

#GiveThanksThursday - The launch

Good morning all, I hope you are well on this frosty Thursday!

I'm super pleased to be launching my new linky today #GiveThanksThursday and I'm hoping some of you will come and join in with me and give thanks.

This linky is about all things gratitude and you can link up any post that fulfils the brief that it shows you are thankful, grateful, happy for the things happening in your life. We all know that life is not perfect and all too often there are sad events or things to pull us down but when we choose to focus on the good in our life, it makes a real difference and we find our own joy and contentment increasing beyond measure.

How to join in
  • Write your post or choose which one of your many positive posts to link up
  • Please comment on my post as the host and I'll make sure I hop over and comment on yours too. I'll also endeavour to social share them all.
  • Then please visit and comment on at least 2 or 3 other posts in the linky. Blog-hops only work when people take the time to share the commenting love.
  • Grab the blog-hop code and put it at the bottom of your post, this means people can visit all posts from everywhere. The linky is not just here it is with us all!
Remember we are using the hashtag #GiveThanksThursday and using that will allow me and others to find your post.

If you fancy grabbing my new linky badge, here is the code, just paste it in to your HTML tab and if you're not sure what I'm on about then just shout I'm happy to help, we were all new bloggers once.

What I am thankful for this week

1. I'm currently using the gym once a week under a GP referral scheme and I had my mid-program check-up this week. I got allocated a personal trainer called Matt and he was excellent, he really challenged my thoughts and stereotypes. By the end I was doing squats and box press-ups. Things I would never normally do in front of others but I'm breaking the mould.

2. An amazing time at Church last Sunday when God spoke to me and reassured me about so many things. It was then good to explore the theme further with my small group on Wednesday.

3. Finding a supportive and encouraging Christian Mums group on Facebook. If you are interested in this group and have not heard of them before then head over, I really recommend Captivated.

4.  There was a small (like tiny) flurry of snow earlier this week and it made my children so happy to see it and the Brazilians that are living here have never seen it before and it made their year.

5. Supermarket deliveries. It makes such a difference to me when I can pay £25 for delivery for the whole year. The nearest decent supermarket is about 8 miles from me and that £25 for the year is far less than the petrol for all those 16 mile round journeys! It really is the little things sometimes!

Now it is over to you, what do you want to give thanks for?

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