Tuesday 27 January 2015

Celebrate Success #FitandFree Update

Some of my recent 'better choice' meals and the good books I'm reading
For me dieting is never an easy journey. It is all a bit of a conundrum really as I know I'm supposed to enjoy the journey and live in the moment but equally I need goals to keep me focused and I have to keep my eyes set on those too. It's difficult.

I want it all to happen now, I do a little footwork and eat well for a few days or establish an exercise pattern and I want to see the weight fall off me and my body shape change. I'm hardly excited by the few pounds that the scale shows or the odd inch loss that the tape measure highlights. What I'd really like just now is about a 3 stone loss showing on the scales and at least a dress size or two dropped. I'm not too realistic am I?

When I was at the gym last week I had my mid program assessment for the 20 session GP referral program I am doing. I got a really excellent chap called Matt allocated to me and in the short hour we had together he made a difference. We hadn't met before and he asked me why I wanted to lose weight. I explained that it was necessary, I didn't feel I had a choice any longer, it was time to get fit and create a strong example for my children. He then said to me 'and how important is this to you?' And what a great question, my instant response was 'so important' and I've been reflecting on this ever since.

If the weight loss and fitness are so important to me it means I cannot fail on this journey. I can't give up. For years I've said the philosophy in my life is to win or learn, we never lose as there is always something to be learnt and I feel I have applied this in all areas of my life. All areas that is except in regards to losing this weight that has held me back for too long.

It is not going to hold me back any more. I refuse to let it, I'm not good at perfect dieting, I get far too hungry and grumpy, so this means my weight loss is slower. Logically I know this is better as research shows those who lose weight steadily over time have a better chance of keeping it off long term but it is also really frustrating as I want the results now.

I was pondering today how I am setting my kids a really good example by embarking on this journey. Not only will they see how I increased my energy levels and fun factor by becoming fitter and slimmer but they will see me persevere at something I find difficult. Kids need to know that not everything is easy in life and that it can take a lot of work to attain what you want.

I've been on this journey since 1st January and in this time I've lost some weight. I'm not entirely sure how much as I've got a bit lost with weighing without any clothes at home, in gym gear at the gym and in jeans and normal clothes at slimming world.  According to the naked scales at home I am about 10lb down since the start of the year and my gut instinct is to diminish that and not be impressed with that figure but I know I must choose to celebrate that success. It is a big first step in the right direction.

More than the weight loss the other successes that I must celebrate since the start of the year are -

Establishing a three times a week exercise plan. I go to the gym once (and now have a challenging program thanks to my meeting with Matt) and then I started out running twice a week for the couch to 5k challenge. I've found that running hurts my calves so instead I'm doing a walk aerobics 2 mile workout twice a week indoors and I also use fit cables for these to build strength training in with the cardio workout.

You know what? I'm enjoying the exercise and I might even up it to four or five times a week as I believe that can make the difference and I find it much easier than the food part of this journey.

I'm aiming to get back to the running in March when I should be a good amount lighter. I figure this change in weight might help my running style and I'll also get myself gait analysed so I can get the right shoes, I'm assuming I have oversupination from what I have researched. I must get it sorted as I need to get ready for the 5k I've signed up for in June.

Matt asked me last week what my first goal was and I said to lose 1 stone 13lb, as that will take me into a new stone bracket, two down from where I've started in 2015 and three down from mid-2014. What I realised is that I don't have any kind of time frame for this and that's a bit loose, so I need to set a target of achieving this loss by the end of March 2015. Again I'm tempted to dismiss this and feel it is taking too long but every pound counts and I suspect that amount should equate to a dress size and this means when we go away on 27th March I can take some clothes that have not been out of their vacuum packed bag for at least 6 years! That will make me feel very good I'm sure.

That's probably enough waffle from me for one day. I could go on and on but actually I'll save it for another day. If you are on this weight loss/ fitness journey with me then I hope it is going well for you and keep on keeping on!

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