Friday 10 October 2014

Happy Birthday my baby

Last weekend JJ turned 11.  That is eleven whole years I have been a parent, I wonder just how many mistakes I've made in that time?  Thousands I suspect but I hope I've been learning from them and to be honest if I look at JJ, I'm doing OK.

I love my boy, he is practically as tall as me and he wears the same size shoes. As one of the oldest in his class, or school even he is one of the biggest and probably most mature. He can be trusted to stay on his own, he knows what to do in an emergency and he even works a full day sometimes (yes really).

He makes me laugh such a lot. His sense of humour is varied, he still collapses into giggle fits at jokes about poo and bums but he also is very dry at times and can really hold a good poker face. His laugh is infectious and I'm pretty sure it helps keep me young.

We can be found chatting together, enjoying a cuppa, singing loudly in the car, having a snuggle or companionably working side by side as he does is homework or helps me with chores.

It is fascinating watching him grow and mature; sometimes he tries out new ways of acting or attempts to get in on the adult conversation and we have to remind him of his age and what is appropriate. I never realised what a storm it is to navigate your way from being a child to adolescent to adult.

Then sometimes he is still so young and reminds me how much he needs mothering. He can dissolve into tears as he forgot his homework or was worried where I was. He is not one to embrace change and his lip will start to wobble if you introduce the concept of something new but then after some thinking time he comes round to the idea and starts to like the excitement of change.

Of course there are traits I'd love him to work on and change. If only he were nicer to his sisters all the time, if only he could be a little quieter when he comments on someone else in public and if only he knew the point that a joke had stopped being funny but on the whole he is a fabulous package and even better he is mine.

It is a privilege to get to be your Mummy JJ, I adore you.

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