Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How does your garden grow - April 2014

Last week I had the most joyous walk around the grounds here. JJ and dh had gone to the beach for a bike ride and the girls were away at their grandparents and I had time to myself, lots of time. It was bliss and I took full advantage of it by watching the sun go down over one of our lakes and taking a prayerful walk.

I thought I'd share what I saw -

I sneaked into the gardeners greenhouse, I love to see all the work that has gone on in here. The tiny seedlings are now becoming proper plants and they are getting ready for planting and sale.

Azaleas have to be my flower of the moment, we have them in all shades of pink and they are divine. I love all those little coloured spots inside making them so much more interesting tan you first think.

I can't help but love fungi as well, there is not so much of it about at the moment, it was rife last summer and early autumn but this is the first good picture I have got of it this year, growing on a stack of firewood

I'd not been in the walled garden for a couple of weeks and all this wonderful blossom on the pear trees shows just how quick things change. The apple orchard is just starting to blossom too, I'll capture that next.

I know it is not the garden but I love the lakes and isn't that green reflection is the meadow just wonderful?

And yes another good reflection that tickled my fancy.

Yet again I reflect on just what a privilege it is to live here and be amongst all this beauty.

Wishing you a fabulous week, Mich x

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