Thursday 10 April 2014

Grateful to be home

Who wouldn't be excited to return home to here?

Home sweet home -
I have so much to be grateful for, I am literally overflowing with gratitude right now and I'll list some of the things making me feel good but the one simple thing that struck me tonight is that I'm grateful to be home. We have just had an amazing five days away at the big Christian conference Spring Harvest, held at Butlins in Minehead but now we are home I feel calm and content again. I really have turned into a homebody in my old age and the next few days of sorting the washing, catching up with blogging and chilling with my boys will be bliss.

Family holiday -
As always Spring Harvest was superb, there were amazing times of worship where I practically got washed away in song, I caught up with some great old friends and dh, the girls and I spent lots of time together - in the pool, at the park, on funfair rides etc. Butlins really do know how to provide excellent facilities for fun with your family.

My boy -
This year my boy did not come with us to Spring Harvest, he had his own holiday to Nanny and Granddads and he had a ball. I was so pleased to have the technology which meant we could chat via FaceTime and he could iMessage me each day. Today we picked him up and left the girls with my parents, so I now have a few chilled days with just JJ and I'm going to enjoy them.

Legoland -
Sunday we will head to Legoland for the press day opening of the new Pirate Shores area, this includes a new restaurant, 100s of brand new pirate Lego models, 2 great new rides and an exciting castaway camp play area with high ropes, towers and slides.  Legoland is such a favourite of ours that I just know we will have the best family day and it will be the first time the five of us will have been together in over a week!

Next week -
I fully intend to let next week be a very low-key one. Chilling and hanging around home will be high on the agenda and then comes Easter and I love Easter, it such an important time to me as a Christian.

I could go on and on but then you would be exceptionally bored, so I'll just stop there and say thank you Jesus for all the blessings you given me and thank you for opening my heart and eyes so I can appreciate them.

And genuinely, thank you readers for keep coming back and leaving me comments and encouragement and brightening my day.  I hope you are feeling blessed too right now. Mich x

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