Saturday 1 February 2014

A year in photos - week 5

Good morning, I hope you are well today.  Hasn't it just been the most miserable weather again this week? Still, I've tried to get out with the kids as much as I can to get some good pictures.  Here is this weeks offering -

Lumix G5 on Dynamic Monochrome setting (no editing)

Using last weeks Better Photos Project tip of taking a new perspective and looking down. I love it!
Same as before Lumix G5 with dynamic monochrome setting

Lumix G5 on manual and then edited (a lot) in Pic Monkey

Taken in colour and edited in Pic Monkey. B&W shows off the stone detailing and I just kind of liked it

Lumix G5 on manual and then edited in Pic Monkey

Lumix G5 on manual and nothing done to it

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