Thursday 3 October 2013

One big 10 year old reason to be cheerful (week 40, year 3) #R2BC

Tomorrow my boy turns 10, he is nearly 5ft tall and wears a size 7 shoe, he is no longer a baby. But lets be honest, he'll always be my baby and boy do I love him.

I remember six years ago when I had the twins and JJ was being so challenging, aged 4 and these two noisy monsters arrive that steal all his limelight. He did not find it easy to deal with them and I recall asking my Mum how I would know if I still loved him as he made me so cross at times with his acting out and naughtiness. At that time I learnt you never stop loving them even when they make you cross and wear you out.

Thankfully he does not make me cross or wear me out nowadays. He is a lovely little fella and I'm very proud to say he is mine, he is great company and very helpful. Yes he is still a kid and answers back at times and grumbles when I tell him it is homework time but on the whole we really came up trumps when we landed him as our big boy.

Happy 10th birthday JJ. I hope you enjoy your day. Love you, Mummy xxxx

Over to you...

How are things this week?  I hope all is super great but if it is not, can you still dig deep and manage to count your blessings? Taking a positive stance makes a real difference in life I find.

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Wishing you a blessed week, Mich x

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