Tuesday 29 October 2013

Getting active without even realising it!

For us moving to the countryside three months ago has made a massive impact on our family activity level but I realise it is a bit radical for all families to move to the countryside to be able to get moving more and having fun as a family. So here are some simple ideas for you to do as a family and they don't even have to cost any money and it is half-term most places, so how perfect -

1)   Visit your local park, they are everywhere and don't just have to be for the kids. These big swings that are popping up everywhere are perfect for adults too.

2)   Go for a walk along the beach - stones or sand they are both great and give you a workout as you struggle to walk along them. Stop to enjoy the view and skim some stones too.

3)   Giant hula hooping, OK it is a bit different but so much fun and none of us had any idea we would be able to do it. Far easier than the girls small hoops!

4)   Local free exercise equipment at parks. We love all this exercise equipment and there are some really great examples around. Poole Park in Dorset is great and has loads of stopping stations all round the lake. We have found a great park in Hailsham, East Sussex near our home too.

5)   Scooting. One of the favourite things my kids get up to is scooting, they do it everywhere but long paths are most definitely their favourite, so things like promenades and parks are great. Then dh and I have to jog along at the side to keep up with them.

Just a few ways that we like to have some fun being active as a family. How does your family like to get active together?

Have you had a good week, how have you managed to get active this week?
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