Saturday 22 December 2012

It's such a perfect day.....

...and I'm glad I spent it with you - Daddy, Miss M, Miss E and JJ.

I really am very easy to please, I don't hanker after the finer things in life, just time with my family, a small amount of money to spend to make that time extra special and then lots of relaxation. Only a couple of small things could have made today even better - 1. that my Mum and Dad were here and could join us and 2. that I had some elves who could finish wrapping the presents for me!

Today we visited Santa at his grotto, went for a cream tea afterwards and had a good browse round a beautiful garden centre.  Then we came back for lunch, made crackers for Christmas day and sat and watched three Christmas movies back to back.  I even managed to fit in the ironing, some wrapping and tidying up the house.

Dh was a diamond and did lunch, dinner and showered the kids.  That's what I team work!

It's now time for a movie snuggled with my hubbie.  What are you up to?
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