Friday 1 June 2012

No Words #TippingPoint #Syria

I have spent much of this afternoon reading about Syria and the needless killings that went on last week, I am moved, horrified, tearful and generally feeling very helpless for the people that are being exposed to the unrest in their country.
I am appalled to find that humanitarian agencies, such as Save the Children cannot access the country to be able to try and help the people there. It is beyond belief that people, people like us (we are one people after all) are having to live terrified, that children are managing to survive massacres by covering themselves in blood and pretending to be dead and that mothers will live for the rest of their lives having watched their children be brutally murdered.  Our world is so broken and it breaks my heart.

I cannot find the words today to convey to you how I feel, everything I want to say has been said, so rather than repeat it all, I will keep this short and simple and point you towards some good posts that will make you want to act - Thinly Spread, Blog Up North, Kate Takes 5 to name but a few, you can see a full range of posts linked up at BritMums. It is also very worthwhile to read the Times article and look at the Q and A on the Guardian.

However, the thing that you should do above all others is sign the Save The Children petition, which is calling on world leaders to put in place an immediate and legally binding "Resolution to Protect Children" that carries the full force of international law on those attacking children and other civilians.
"We welcome the UN Security Council's unanimous statement condemning the attacks on civilians in Houla in Syria.
However, this statement does not go far enough: the Security Council must pass an immediate resolution setting out the concrete political measures that will bring about an end to the violence, and which will grant access for humanitarian agencies to reach the children injured and affected by the conflict.
The resolution must restate the rights of children to be protected from violence and make clear that all perpetrators of atrocities must be held to account for their crime"
Also raise awareness in any way that you can, talk to your neighbours, ring your mum, email your friends and use social media. The hashtags for twitter are #syria #tippingpoint and #stopthekillings

I urge you today friends, just do one thing.  Do not turn a blind eye, we all have a responsibility to stand together and to speak for those who have no voice.  Together we are a force to be reckoned with.

God bless, Mich x
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