Monday 11 June 2012

Will we ever have sun?

I am super keen for some nice weather to arrive in the UK, for a multitude of reasons -

  1. We have a brand new trampoline, sitting in the box in our house, waiting to be put up!
  2. Dh is taking all 3 kids camping with the cubs this weekend coming (brave or what?)
  3. My garden is like a jungle!
  4. I have been sent these stunning SUNUVA rash vests for my girls to protect them in the sun and at the moment there is no sun!

Do you like Miss E's model pose?

You might not have heard of a rash vest before (I hadn't) but basically it is a T-shirt for wearing in the sun.  These Sunuva vests are SPF 50+ and that means they block out 97% of the suns harmful UV rays, meeting the stringent standards insisted upon in Australia & New Zealand.

I really like the rash vests, I am a little paranoid about my fair-skinned children getting their shoulders burnt and these tops will completely alleviate that fear.  They have a high rounded neck and full coverage over the shoulders and back. However they remain beautifully styled with cute ruching at the side and at the cuffs with a button trim too.  There are loads of gorgeous colours and prints to choose from. The rash vests start at £36 each and whilst that is probably more than I could normally afford to pay it is not unreasonable for the quality.

Two mums (Emily and Sabrina) started Sunuva after finding that they could not source the trendy and stylish sun protection outfits that they wanted for their kids. Roll forward a few years and now they have a stunning mix and match range of swim and beach wear with gorgeous accessories such as glasses and hats. It it interesting to think that my two little ladies will be wearing the same brand this summer as the children of Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. Now there is a first I am sure!

You can buy Sunuva products at Harrods, Fenicks and boutique children's stores, as well as online directly from Sunuva. Delivery is £5.05 or free if your order is over £100 and they offer a full exchange or refund service if you are not happy. I have been very pleased with my dealings with Sunuva to date.

I would say their sizing is pretty true to age, both my girls had a 5-6 year size rash vest arrive and it was fairly snug on Miss M but considering she is 117cm tall (yes and only 4 years old) that is about right.  It had more room on Miss E as she is 111cm and a smaller frame.  As you can see from the photos you can wear the rash vest as a cover-up over a swimsuit or bikini bottoms like Miss M or with shorts, trousers etc like Miss E.

Just take a look at the beautiful designs on the vests.

And if you have some spare cash you can choose one of the stunning ranges and kit out all your kids to coordinate and be the talk of the beach! JJ did ask me where his was, whoops sorry babe!

The Sunuva range are between about £25 - £45 a piece and I must say that if I had a bit more disposable income I would be tempted by quite a few things. The girls dresses and playsuit are to die for...

Disclaimer:  I was provided with the 2 rash vests free of charge for the purposes of this review.  I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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