Thursday 31 May 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful - A is for.... (Week 22)

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Some weeks it gets to Wednesday night and it feels like a chore to start to think of my reasons to be cheerful.  I have had a great week, all has gone well so there is loads to be cheerful about (family time, enjoyable work, sunshine, new clothes) but I am busy and to be honest blogging is the last thing I have time to do.  There is washing to be bought in, ironing to be done (no school tops left!), exercise to do, my bible to read and yet here I am again wiling away time on the internet.

When I was surfing last weeks R2BC posts I came 3 Children and It's post and all her reasons started with a P and I liked that idea so this week I am going to nick it and any time I do not feel like posting my #R2BC I'm going to start at A and then use the next letter in the alphabet and have to take time to reflect on what I am thankful to God for, making this time spent on the internet worthwhile. So here goes..

1.  Abstinence - the moments (I'd like to say full days, but alas mostly not) that I abstain from compulsive over eating. I have not been adhering to my healthier regime the last couple of weeks (hence the lack of a weight loss update post on Monday) and this has the potential to really drag me down but I have to be thankful that I keep on trying.  Persistence is a wonderful thing. Today I am doing pilates at 9.30am and then I have a health MOT at the gym at 11am, so both great kick starts.

2.  dh - I know that looks like a D but his name starts with an A, so I could not do a list of things I am grateful for without mentioning him.  He is such a good hubbie, I am away for 2 weekends in June and he is camping with the kids one weekend and just having fun with them the next.  Not every husband would be so accommodating and do it with a smile too.

3.  Attitude - when you have an attitude of gratitude and remember that every day is a gift, life is so much better. Thank you Lord.

4.  Absence from school - that is such a cheat isn't it?  I really could not think of an A but I am super excited for the half term week ahead.  Saturday is a chill day at home sorting the garden and then a family meal with friends in the evening, Sunday we are meeting Seasider Clare and her wonderful family at Hyde Park for the Jubilee Family Festival. Monday and Tuesday are more family days, close to home with bike rides, picnics and football at the park. Wednesday I am back at work but for an interesting training course and then Thursday I'll be meeting a load of bloggers and their family at Whipsnade for a Tui event. Then Saturday there is a family party.

I'm going to enjoy sending time with these small nutters!

JJ's dressing gown is cool apparently!

Practising her gymnastics poses

Ahh the joy of the TV babysitter!

That's me for this week.  How about you?  Try the single letter challenge if you fancy, it takes some thinking!  Link up your post, add the linky code onto your post if you fancy, that makes it a blog hop so people can move from blog to blog.  Then go say hi to a few others and spread some comment love.  We have now got to that sunny time of the year when readers and comments can dwindle off so it would be lovely if we all still made an effort for each other.

Have a blessed week.  Mich x

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