Saturday 23 June 2012

#BritMumsLive - Was it worth it?

500 odd phenomenal bloggers all in one room!

So I'm home and yes I am completely knackered and if I was sensible I would be going to bed and having a good sleep but I can't seem to let go of the high I am on...... the fever is continuing.

I have to say that #BritMumsLive is probably the best conference I have been to, I had a ball.  Some of that is to do with the people I shared it with and some is to do with me finding my feet and being comfortable in my blogging self!

I wanted to call this post #BritMumsLive - the good, the bad and the ugly.  The name just kept popping in my head but I have to say I am hard pushed to find anything bad to say (more comfy seating next year please) let alone to name anything as ugly (the state of my house when I got home!). 

So as it stands I am asking the question of 'was it worth it?' and in the words of Gok Wan 'hell yes!'.

I'll share my top 10 #BritMumsLive moments -

1.  Helping the Butterflies give out the stickers at the beginning, this meant I got to say hi to so many people and it was superb to meet you all, if only for a few fleeting moments.

2.  The comments and tweets I received after speaking as part of the Bloggers Studio panel. I was with an awesome bunch of women, including the legend that is Her Melness Speaks.  People were so positive about our session and a number of people sought me out to tell me what I said was relevant to them, inspired them and reassured them.  Way hey, job done!

3.  Getting a tad pissed at the #BiBs and watching some truly deserving winners, it was also a little unnerving to here Katy Hill talk about our conversation we had 10 minutes earlier in the loo! (I have to say she is really very lovely and normal).

4.  Spending the night with 2 of my favourite girls.  Ladies who make me laugh and who most definitely bring out the worst (they might say best) in me.  Thank you Alex and Clare.

5.  Feeling a bit like a celebrity, so many people kept coming up to me and saying hi and thanking me for the help and encouragement I had given them when they were new bloggers.  #R2BC was a well talked about conversation! yay

6.  Knowing that tomorrow morning when my kids wake up they will be over the moon to see all the goodies Mummy has for them. #welovefreebies

7.  The chocolate brownies, oh yes those golf leafed topped mini brownies are just to die for.....  diet tomorrow!

8.  Listening to Hayley deliver her crowd sourced blogpost with such dignity and heartfelt emotion, truly moving.  You simply must go read if you were not there.

9.  Finding my blogging mojo, it was there waiting for me at the conference after all... My super new friend Gourmet Mummy returned it to me. (Oh and if you like every-day family cooking then do check out her blog.)

10.  Finding my very own twin.  I've always been a bit jealous of my twinnies and now I join them.  Do you know who this is?  The very fabulous @SuperAmazingMum

11.  I know I said 10, but I forgot about this one.... having my handwriting analaysed, it was superb.  I told this lady nothing about me and she summed me up perfecty. It is a bit unnerving when a stranger tells you that you tend to be weak willed, are generous with your time, wear a mask and are really insecure on the inside, have a higher call and are into religion, am a good friend and are ambitious to a point.  Ok, yes that is me.

Then finally, walking down the steps of the railway bridge in my home town to the calls of 'Mummy', 'I missed you', 'Come here, I need a kiss'.  If I did not have so much bagge I would have stopped and captured a picture for you.  My kids all in their jamas over brimming with love that their mummy was home. I am so happy to be here after an amazing weekend.

So what did you enjoy?  and if you came to my speaker session, any tips for me for the future?
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