Thursday 21 June 2012

#R2BC BritMums Live here I Come... (Week 25)

As this post goes live it is just 24 hours before I and about another 499 bloggers travel up to London for the massive blogging conference that is BritMums Live and I can not wait!

Yes I admit I am just a bit excited!

Last year going to CyberMummy I was a bag of nerves worrying about what I would wear and wondering if anyone would talk to me.

This year I feel completely confident.  I am meeting up with some valued friends and I intend to enjoy myself.
I am particularly looking forward to –
1.      Being part of the speaker panel for the Bloggers’ Studio: Crossing the Chasm, how to bring your blog up to the next level session at 5.10pm on the Friday. I join Nickie, Mel, Jane and Maggy and we will attempt to baffle and confuse explain how your blog can too operate at the next level. (Being part of this panel assumes that my blog is at that next level and that makes me go all shy and giggly so don’t expect much from me at this session!)

2.      Our google + hang-out after this session.  I am so old-school that I have never been involved in a google + hang-out before, so I really will just be looking pretty for this one but it is a good experience!

3.      The presentation for the Brilliance in Blogging awards. I am not being coy when I say that I have absolutely no expectation of winning my category (I mean outstanding, really).  I am in with some truly phenomenal bloggers and not just the usual suspects either, which is lovely.  I will enjoy watching many of my blogging friends walking away with their awards.

4.     I get to spend a whole night with Clare and Alex and we will have an amazing time.  I do hope we get to bed a little earlier than we did at last years MADS, we have to be up early and do a  full days conference on Saturday after all.  I am officially old now and cannot take it!
5.     Getting to meet loads of bloggers that I have chatted to for a very long time but never had the pleasure yet of meeting, like Bod for Tea, The Boy and Me, Helen, Ruth, Emma and a million others I have not mentioned.

6.     Then on Saturday at the end of the conference I am one of the keynote bloggers and that is fine in as far as I am comfortable with my post but I suddenly realised last night that I need to practise as I have to read it out to near 500 people – ekk and double ekk.
So to say BritMums Live will be amazing is an understatement. I am super excited and the bit I am most excited about is seeing Alex and Clare and all my other lovely friends and I will sincerely miss Heather and many other blogging friends who cannot be there.
As you'll know I have been basing #R2BC on a letter each week just recently and this week should be D but I could not resist writing about BritMums and that just did not fit with D, but here is one D - Dedicated Daddy (or I suppose that really is double D, lucky you!).  Here he is at 9.20pm tonight building the trampoline for the kids after a full day at work.  They are going to be so made up in the morning.

Over to you.....  what is making you cheerful?  And are you coming to BritMums Live? Let me know so I can look out for you.  If you recognise me, then please do say hi.  I am actually a little shy in real life and can be a bit quiet (well for all of 5 minutes anyway) but I'd genuinely like to meet you.  Yes YOU!
You know what to do, link up a post, add in the blog hop code, tweet it and visit others to share the blog love.  I will visit and comment for all those who do the same for me (but it may well be the beginning of next week).
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