Thursday 14 June 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful - C is for... (week 24)

It’s Thursday and you surely by now know what that means – Reasons to be Cheerful!  Welcome to this week’s edition, I hope you have some super cheery things to share with us.

For me, I am continuing with the letter theme that I started a couple of weeks ago, so this week the things I am grateful for are starting with the letter C.  Here goes –

1.       Cloverley Hall – This weekend I am going for a weekend away with about 10 ladies from my Church.  There are some organised sessions but there will be a lot of down time and I intend to use this to refresh myself.  I am feeling pretty burnt out at the moment and I dearly need some down time.  A good book, a cuppa and if the weather holds up some lovely countryside walks are just what I need.

2.       Camping – while I relax in the comfort of Cloverley Hall my lovely dh will be camping with his cubs and all 3 of our kids.  Rather him than me is all I can say.  Please Lord could you let this rain ease up for them, I’m not sure how well my little ladies will cope.

3.       Counselling – As you will know I am on a journey to try and sort my weight out and I have realised that until I sort my head issues, my body has no chance, so I am trying out some counselling and have my first appointment today – we will see how it goes.

Short and sweet this week, but I am on a race against time to get everything done before I go away tomorrow. Time for you to share, what is making you happy, cheerful or grateful?  Write your post, link it up.  Take the blog hop code if you fancy and pop it at the bottom of your post and then go visit some others and leave some comment love. I promise if you comment here, I’ll come do the same and I’ll try to get to everyone who links up but no promises as I am having a computer free weekend.

Have a great week ahead.  Mich x

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